Silencing: A Passive Response that Breaks Bonds

silencing response that breaks bonds

Building a wall of silence “Words are like swords, if you use them the wrong way, it’ll turn into ugly weapons, ” according to author, Gosho Aoyama; but I’ve learned the hard way that the absence of words can also harm and scar. I had a disagreement with a friend the other day over how … Read more

How to allow Angels to help us

how to allow angels to help us

My personal encounters with angels Do you believe in Angels? What did they seem like to you? I’ve encountered Angels in “physical form, “one of whom resembled a Christian image of an Angel – dressed in white, with a pair of wings, taller than usual, with longish hair, and a serene face. Another one looked … Read more

Intuition in the era of AI

Intuition AI robot

This evening, I was listening to a local discussion about the Great Reset initiative, and one of the topics discussed was the rise of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, the artificial intelligence (AI) robots. They appear creepy at first and second glance. I was watching a documentary about sex robots the other night … Read more

Prayer for the Dejected and the Abused

The Madonna

This is St. Augustine’s Marian Prayer. I included a petition at the end for victims of abuse and other societal and religious ills. We are living in a crucial epoch, when faith is being tested and the bad is edging out the good. In my spiritual experience, the Blessed Mother is a refuge for me … Read more

Prayer to Regain Inner Balance, Control

Prayer to regain control

I recently dealt with people who tried to defraud me out of money- real estate agents, lessors, telecoms agents, an online shop platform, a transport rental operator…all within two months. Heads up! This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission when you buy using these links. Thanks in advance! During that time, I … Read more

Build Spiritual Relationship with a Departed Loved One

Build relationship with departed

It’s been more than two decades, yet you still can’t get over the loss of a loved one. It could be a parent, a spouse, a close friend, a child, or even a pet. Although there is no proven prescription for easing grief, there are techniques to help you transform your loss into a loving, … Read more

If You’re Experiencing a Run of Bad Luck, Do This…

cycle of fortune

Have you ever felt as if you were making one wrong move after another, resulting in a string of misfortunes? Heads up! This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission when you buy using these links. Thanks in advance!  Entering a new relationship shortly after leaving a terrible relationship; beginning a new business … Read more

Questioning God (and why He is silent)

Questioning God

Questioning God (or arguing with Him) frequently emerge when we lose a loved one, lose riches or property, become ill, become a victim of injustice (or witness injustice), and other events. In other words, we question God during times of great sorrow. We seek answers in order to make sense of what has occurred. I … Read more

What You Should Know about Energy Cord-cutting

What you should know about energy Cord-Cutting

Cutting the cord is not as simple as it appears. Every action has a consequence – that is karma for you; and who wants a bad repercussion from a careless action? When someone needs to be released from so-called toxic relationships or relationships that no longer serve any purpose, I frequently hear the advice of … Read more