Communicate with lost loved ones through Angels

It’s been almost 20 months since my mother died and during the first year, I thought I was doing well and coping. Losing her has devastated me, knowing that during her active dying state, she was communicating with me telepathically. We were miles apart from each other and she died alone, lonely, and I was not with her.

This morning, I saw a neighbor who looked almost exactly like my mother – at least, her frailness, height, and “oriental” eyes. The eyes were the only facial part I could see from the mask covering almost the entirety of the old lady’s small face – they did not look like my mother’s eyes but my cognitive bias forced them to look like my mom’s in a way to remember her.

Then the scar in my heart was badly nicked by the sharply painful memories of my mother to reveal the wounds that have not been healed – neither by time nor the promise of heaven for the departed souls.

I do not think the wounds will ever heal. While there is nothing pleasurable in reliving bitter past, let alone, memories that are regrettable, allowing the memories run in my head is strangely a way to not make me forget mom’s life altogether.

Mediumship or not
Just a couple of weeks ago, I was fighting off the urge to start learning mediumship. Even if there had been subtle signs popping up enticing me to go into it and try to help bereaving individuals to move on by sending and receiving messages from their departed loved ones, or at the very least, be assured that such exchange is not a futile exercise.

I was struggling inside because my mind does not want me to do it. When I was a small child, I witnessed how an aunt’s life was nearly ruined by spirits taking turns to force her into channeling messages for them. My aunt was a brawny woman and she could easily swagger off anyone – spirit or not away from her. But I do not have that physical or emotional strength even. Considering that I am empathic – I would not know where I would end up if I engage in mediumship.

The thing is, I could as anyone could connect with your transitioned loved ones even without mediumship skills or going out of one’s 3D space.

Communicate by asking the assistance of the angels to send your message to them and to receive messages from them. I believe that is the safest way to do it. One does not have to worry about adjusting frequencies to connect to the 4D or 5D planes where other energies or entities could reside. The angels are always ready to assist and protect.

That calming breeze
In my experience, the usual sign the angel allows you to feel when they are around you is – no, not feathers or coins – but that feeling of calm. It is sometimes fleeting or can last for a few minutes. There is some quietness that will surround you, similar to the quietness before or after a storm – but less eerie. My reflexive reaction to that “window of bliss” is to close my eyes, as if to relish the moments.

When in doubt or feeling confused, I call on the angels to “hug” me and they do! Especially at night, the “hug” manifests like a spiritual balm, all of a sudden, the worrying thoughts disappear without me being even aware that they did…and then I would start feeling sleepy.

Their presence during this time is like a silent lullaby that only the soul can hear and respond too. It must be because the frequency they give can only be heard or felt by one’s spirit, not by the physical skin or other senses. This is just a guess, do not quote me.

Comfort from grief
Losing our parents, no matter when, how, why or where can bring indescribable grief. The pain stays with you for as long as you live. How to effectively deal with this pain depends on how much you believe that our parents want us to enjoy and live our lives even without them around. The parents would give up anything for their children to be happy, to be healthy, to be problem-free and to be out of harm’s way. Our parents will never stop being parents just because they are no longer in this physical world. Our parents reside in our thoughts as memories. Thoughts, after all, are not intangible – they are material manifestations of our consciousness.

We can always talk with our parents or other departed loved ones as if they are around. But I always suggest asking the angels to mediate with you, if you are to ask questions to your crossed-over loved ones and these questions need to be answered. Ask the angelic assistance to ensure that the messages that you will be receiving are from the intended spirits.

Below is a Catholic prayer to invoke the assistance of your angels for any purpose, and specifically when you wish to connect with your departed loved ones.

Prayer for Angelic Assistance
Lord Almighty, Creator of all life,
Thank You for creating the Angels.
As dedicated and faithful servants,
They instantly act upon Your commands.
Please direct Your Angels to assist me,
Ensuring the accomplishment of Your work,
In accordance with Your Divine will.
Always rekindle my mind to remember
that Your Angels are available to me
as restrainers of diabolic obstacles.
Thank You Lord for Your auspice!
Your kindness is infinitely good!
(Source: Catholic Online)

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