June 2024 New Moon/Full Moon Horoscope for All Signs

The New Moon in Gemini, which started on June 6, is expected to bring an opportunity for fresh starts in communication, learning, and social interactions. This is a time to embrace curiosity, adaptability, and expressiveness.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon on June 21 will be in the sign of Sagittarius. This full moon emphasizes themes of adventure, exploration, learning, and personal beliefs. It’s a time of revelation, optimism, and seeking truth.

That said, let’s explore the astrological influences of the new moon in Gemini on June 6 and the full moon in Sagittarius on June 21 for each zodiac sign.



Higher Learning and Travel

For Aries, the new moon brings a chance to imbibe novel ideas and new perspectives. Networking and socializing can open up exciting opportunities. There is a focus on short trips and connecting with siblings or neighbors. By June 21, shift your attention to broader horizons and higher learning. You may see the culmination of educational pursuits or travel plans. Embrace philosophical insights and share your wisdom.


Shared Resources and Transformation

For Taurus, new financial ventures or money-making ideas may emerge, making this a good time to boost your income through communication or technology. Re-evaluating your values can also be beneficial now. The energy of the full moon on the 21st may highlight financial matters, particularly those related to shared resources or investments. This is a time to resolve lingering issues and plan for future security.


Relationships and Partnerships

For Gemini, the new moon in your sign signifies your time to shine! Set personal goals, reinvent yourself, and embrace new beginnings. It’s a powerful moment for self-expression and initiating personal projects. By the 21st, relationships and partnerships will be in the spotlight. This full moon brings clarity and potential culmination in both personal and professional partnerships. Honest and open communication can help resolve issues and strengthen bonds.


Health and Daily Routines

For Cancerians, during this new moon, focus on introspection and spiritual growth. It is an excellent time for meditation and connecting with your inner self. You might also notice that your dreams are vivid and carry important messages. Pay attention to these dreams and subconscious signals. With the full moon on the 21st, your daily work and health routines are emphasized. You may see the results of efforts to improve your well-being or complete a significant project at work. It’s a good time to assess your habits and make adjustments. Additionally, focus on finding a balance between work and personal life.


Creativity and Romance

For Leos, the energy of the new moon in Gemini may bring about new friendships and social circles. Get involved in community activities and welcome collaborative projects. Networking can lead to exciting new connections. Meanwhile, the full moon in Sagittarius on June 21 foretells that creative projects will reach a peak. You might complete a creative endeavor or experience significant developments in your love life. It’s a time to express your passions and enjoy yourself. Reward yourself for a job well done. Children may also play a significant role during this period.


Home and Family

For Virgos, the new moon in Gemini supports your career aspirations, placing your public image in the spotlight. Set new professional goals and seek opportunities for advancement. Your communication skills will be crucial to your success during this period. Meanwhile, the full moon in Sagittarius on June 21st shifts the focus to home and family matters. It’s an opportune time to address any domestic issues and foster a harmonious living environment. Completing a home project may be on the agenda. Focus on strengthening your roots and foundations and consider a trip back to your hometown as it’s likely to be beneficial.


Communication and Learning

For Libra, the new moon in Gemini encourages you to savor new learning experiences and broaden your horizons. Whether through travel, education, or philosophical pursuits, these endeavors can bring significant growth. Open yourself to new cultural experiences and different perspectives. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 21 supports your communication and learning efforts, reaching a culmination point. You may finish a course or project that involves writing or speaking, marking an achievement in these areas. It’s also an excellent time for important conversations, where communication is highlighted. Engage in local community activities and share your ideas with others. This period emphasizes communication, education, and connecting with your community.


Finances and Values

For Scorpio, during this new moon in Gemini, focus on financial matters, especially those related to shared resources or investments. It’s a beneficial time to start planning for long-term security and address any outstanding debts. By the 21st of June, which marks the full moon in Sagittarius, financial matters take center stage again, particularly those related to your personal earnings and values. The full moon energy encourages you to assess your values and spending habits carefully. It’s a favorable time to finalize financial plans and ensure that your financial actions align with your principles and long-term goals.


Personal Identity and Goals

For Sagittarians, the new moon in Gemini directs your attention to relationships and partnerships. Set new intentions for your love life or business collaborations, emphasizing open and honest communication.  As the full moon in your sign on June 21st illuminates your personal goals and self-expression, you may see the completion of projects or plans that hold deep significance for you. This could mark a moment of achievement or provide clarity about your path forward. Embrace your authentic self during this time and don’t let naysayers deter you from your journey.


Spirituality and Renewal

For Capricorns, the new moon in Gemini supports the establishment of new work routines and health regimes, which can bring you advantages. Concentrate on enhancing daily habits and organizational skills, with a particular emphasis on effective communication in the workplace.  As the full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 21st, shift your focus to spiritual growth. Dedicate time to meditation and connecting with your inner self. This period invites reflection and the release of old emotional baggage or anything that no longer serves your highest good. Pay close attention to your dreams and intuitive insights during this time of reflection.


Friendships and Community

For Aquarius, the new moon in Gemini encourages you to enhance creativity and self-expression. It’s the best time for engaging in romantic endeavors, hobbies, and enjoyable activities. You may find that children or younger individuals play a significant role in your experiences during this period.  As for the full moon in Sagittarius on June 21st, the spotlight shifts to friendships and social networks. You might find yourself completing a group project or witnessing developments within your social circles. It’s a time to celebrate with friends, arrange get-togethers, and contribute to collective goals that align with your ideals and aspirations.


Career and Public Image

For Pisces, the new moon in Gemini brings home and family life into focus. Set intentions for your living situation or family relationships during this period. It’s an appropriate time to declutter and create a harmonious home environment.  As the full moon in Sagittarius on June 21st approaches, your career and public image become significant. You may reach a milestone in your professional life or gain recognition for your efforts. Take this opportunity to assess your long-term goals and make plans to achieve them.


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