December Tarot Forecast: Mercury Retrograde Edition for All Birth Months

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season! Aren’t we thrilled about celebrating Christmas and ringing in 2024? This Christmas marks a significant milestone as the nation is finally bouncing back from the challenging aftermath of the 2019-2022 lockdowns and post-pandemic mobility restrictions. Despite new virus mutations and the persistent threat of ‘walking pneumonia,’ the world is steadfastly moving forward, aiming to reclaim normalcy and revive economic activities.

While the Mercury retrograde may slightly hinder our holiday plans, the cards I’ve pulled suggest that this retrograde season is relatively forgiving. In fact, I sense that it’s a preparatory phase for the onset of new breakthroughs in our lives. The doors to blessings are wide open, urging us to expand our awareness to seize these opportunities.

This month’s reading adopts a different approach—I’m focusing on Birthday Months rather than astrology or zodiac signs. I’ve used the Raider Waite Tarot deck for each birth month to provide insights into what’s in store. Please note that reversed cards are denoted with an ‘R.’


JANUARY – 10 of Pentacles

10 Of Pentacles

If you were born in January….

Enjoy the holidays and gatherings! For those staying home during this period, focus on the positive goals you aim to achieve in the new year. Some might be gearing up for exams or assessments that could define their upcoming success. The appearance of the 10 of Pentacles card, symbolizing material blessings, hints at potential financial gains like inheritance, grants, benefits, or dividends. It’s a reminder for January-born individuals in their middle years to consider preparing for retirement. Additionally, it could signify significant family events like weddings, partnerships, births, or honoring matriarchs/patriarchs.

In the business realm, there’s a sense of some individuals working on legacy businesses, pointing towards anticipated success and wealth.

Regarding the entertainment industry, shifts in producer or agency operations are apparent. Expect alliances between production outfits/networks or collaborations with major corporations from other sectors. Conversely, there might also be breakaway groups aiming to dominate different entertainment fields or capture diverse audience segments. Discussions about new policies impacting certain entertainment businesses are on the horizon, likely triggering reactions from unions or organizations. Regulatory bodies are expected to gain prominence or power, although industry approval remains uncertain.

In politics, factions are emerging, with younger individuals taking the lead. They bring disruptive ideas into a system traditionally governed by seasoned politicians. Fiscal policies, taxes, digitalization, and infrastructure are likely to dominate discussions among this new generation.


FEBRUARY – 2 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles Tarot

If you were born in February…

You are able to make the right decision—go with the option that will provide for your (material) needs. Do not rely on talks that lack tangible proof. Additionally, for some of you, there are a few opportunities for travel in the near future or during your birthday month.

Plans are being finalized for some of you, and some of these plans are even based on your ideas. It is possible that you will receive compensation for these ideas. I also foresee import and export businesses getting a boost, with some old investors or trade partners leaving and new ones coming in. This is positive, so do not worry. Consider it as letting go of the “old blood” to replenish the veins with new blood.

For someone with celebrity status or in the public eye, it is important not to regret opportunities that are departing from your sphere. Enable the flow of luck by not hindering the flow of circumstances. While there might be a slight lull in your career, try not to make decisions from a place of desperation. Let me reiterate that timing is everything, especially in your career.


MARCH – Page of Wands

Page of Wands - Tarot Card

If you were born in March…

What is it that you desire? This card indicates that you will obtain your desires, but it suggests the need for a bit more effort on your part. Nonetheless, fate promises that you will achieve them. Moreover, you might build on your success through this pursuit. However, you’ll find that some successes don’t necessarily translate into monetary gains.

For those born in March, I sense the establishment of new grounds or venturing into something new yet familiar. This means that there’s a sense of familiarity in this ‘newness,’ like buying a house in the location of your childhood or getting married in the church where you first met your partner, you know, that kind of familiarity. Additionally, I sense serendipitous events that will bring stability and security.  So, watch out for signs.

For celebrities or individuals considering migrating or going overseas to reestablish a career, this is also indicated. However, the card advises against expecting immediate turnarounds. Nevertheless, you’ll reach your desired destination, though the experience and outcome might differ from your expectations. It’s crucial to celebrate your small successes along the way to prevent burnout or demotivation. Also, there’s a possibility of receiving recognition or awards for your craft or advocacies.

On the other hand, personalities in the public eye might feel pressure to maintain their image, particularly during the Mercury retrograde season (13 December- 1 January). Additionally, I sense someone is striving for a higher position but is lacking the necessary capabilities or credentials. This isn’t to imply dishonesty but rather a case of desiring too much too soon.


APRIL – 5 of Wands

5 of Wands

If you were born in April…

Firstly, avoid people who gaslight you, as there might be plenty of them around you at this time. However, you can disengage from them. Finding your tribe might be challenging presently, but don’t give up searching. It’s better to be alone for now than to be with a company that prefers to ‘destroy’ rather than ‘build’.

This might also be a period for self-reflection, to reckon with what you truly wish to accomplish in the next five years of your life. Change is always inconvenient, but if you desire something new, begin by doing things differently. Aim higher, if you will. The card advises exploring other networks or expanding your current one. 

For those considering buying a house, ensure to first check the integrity of the contract or the structure of the house. For others, the card suggests that while your dream house is in progress of manifestation, you’ll need to wait a while for it to materialize fully.

If you’re a celebrity or in the public eye, this month might highlight the need to restore or build your image. Showcase your abilities; the competition is fierce but use it as an opportunity to become more versatile or inclusive. However, the card also indicates a challenge you might face, that is, to remain authentic and not be swayed by the competition or the need to constantly stay ahead.


MAY – The Sun

The Sun

If you were born in May…

This card is a great sign for you, indicating new and beautiful beginnings! Everything appears joyful, and everyone seems receptive, possibly due to the upcoming holiday season. The card doesn’t suggest that you’ll be significantly impacted by the Mercury retrograde (13 December – 1 January). While there might unavoidably be narcissistic and selfish individuals around you, don’t let them distract you. Enjoy your gains while they last, save up as much as possible, and strive to live a simple life. Despite the holiday spirit of spending, giving, and shopping, resist the urge to splurge.

For those considering beauty treatments, opt for minor ones like facials, teeth whitening, or hair treatments, but avoid surgeries, invasive treatments, or new haircuts during this Mercury retrograde period.

Some of you might experience weddings or engagements soon, and if the goal is to build a family, the progression of these events will be swift. Starting a new business is also favorable, and you’ll receive the necessary support.

If you’re a celebrity, your sun will shine brighter now, and your popularity is on the rise. Maintain your positive outlook and excellent interpersonal skills. Consider upskilling to expand your talents and fit into new roles. Theater plays might also offer promising opportunities.

In the political scene, some individuals might vie for the limelight or strive to be in the spotlight. Such theatrics will likely be prevalent during this time. However, I sense that certain policies might be implemented merely to bolster the ‘good’ image of some personalities. Some sectors seem to be growing weary and dissatisfied with these displays of grandeur or dramatics from the figures they serve. There’s a cautionary tale akin to the story of the Trojan Horse—watch out for potential treachery disguised as loyalty and hard work, especially for public officials. This sense of unease might extend to investments, where investors could grow frustrated, leading to the possibility of pulling out their investments.


JUNE – 10 of Wands

10 of Wands Tarot

If you were born in June…

Your theme during this Mercury retrograde (13 December-1 January)  is unfinished business, which could involve simple tasks like decluttering your home or office space or detoxifying your life from toxic habits or surroundings. Some of you might begin disengaging from your toxic past by establishing boundaries. However, for those born in June, it’s essential to put your energy into  present and future endeavors as well. Dwelling on the past often drains more energy than focusing on the present or looking forward to the future. This is because, there’s a tendency to carry the energies of past mistakes and hurts into your present reality, which is unnecessary as you work toward improving your life.

For celebrities, it’s crucial not to revert to old ways or beliefs. Consider lying low or toning down stances during intense competition. It’s not about cowardice but practicality, as timing is crucial in fame. Some anticipated projects may be shelved due to funding or timing issues. There might also be a sense of transitioning companies or environments, but these changes shouldn’t shake your faith that things will improve.

In the political scene, I sense a revamp or closure of agencies with redundant functions. Defunding and streamlining of agencies and agents might be considered. However, there could also be a resurgence of old practices, potentially slowing down processes or achievement targets.


JULY – Queen of Swords (R)

Queen of Swords

If you were born in July…

You’ll conclude the year with breakthrough decisions, exhibiting firm resolve in planning and executing steps to improve your life in the coming years. Be aware that despite your readiness for bold steps, there might be headwinds ahead. But, don’t worry; you’ll still emerge victorious. Execute your plans post the Mercury retrograde (13 December – 1 January) to avoid unnecessary glitches. It’s fine to outline the details of your plan during this time.

I sense that you possess untapped power in communicating your desires to your higher self, connecting with higher powers to manifest your plans. While this power remains untapped, pushing yourself to harness it will be essential. However, acknowledging this ability is already half the battle won—this new year is yours to manifest things in your life just the way you want!

The same holds for celebrities or those in politics—your ideas and words can wield magic to your advantage. Embrace your unique side and resist conforming to the mainstream. A new status or position might be granted to you. If you’re awaiting a new contract, it may come this year or in 2024, or be proposed to you. Favorable settlements or judgments are also anticipated. This month, you’ll likely want to ignore gossip.


AUGUST – Page of Cups (R)

Page of Cups

If you were born in August…

You might be either awaiting an important communication or receiving low-quality information. The card advises always demanding the truth and not being swayed by subpar information. You might also feel more emotional than usual from this month until the first couple of months next year. The Mercury retrograde might sabotage your clear thinking and firm resolve when assessing events or people around you.

Additionally, I sense that this month, some of you will tend to speak less and prefer others to represent you. It’s crucial for the truth to come directly from you to avoid misinformation about you. Those in romantic relationships may feel that someone is being unfaithful or not entirely truthful, challenging significant relationship decisions.

For celebrities, some of you might need a break for peace or be urged to reconcile with someone. If you’re not ready for the latter, don’t force it. Similarly, if you’re on the receiving end of an apology or reconciliation offer, don’t force yourself to engage if you’re not prepared or feel half-hearted about it. Nonetheless, consider their gesture as sincere, even if their words lack warmth or depth. Remember, it’s the intention that matters.


SEPTEMBER – Queen of Cups (R)

Queen of Cups Tarot

If you were born in September…

This card signifies ‘keeping your promise.’ You’ll either be fulfilling a promise or making a commitment to someone, which will be the basis  for your plans and success. For most of those born in September, love will be a driving force from this month into the coming year. You won’t hold back your love and appreciation for those who matter, and your generosity will not only earn respect but also recognition and wealth.

Many of you might be considering changing or buying a home or relocating to a new residence.

Your progress and prosperity will largely be a solo effort, but that doesn’t mean you should shun the help of others. I hear the phrase ‘what you see is what you get,’ indicating a stance toward transparency and authenticity, seeking truth in things, events, or people. You’re drawn to authenticity, desiring truth, beauty, and honesty in what captures your attention. Love may be a choice or consideration for some September-born individuals, but authenticity is paramount.

For celebrities, some might consider furthering their education or obtaining certifications, realizing the importance of fallback plans, especially if movie projects are financially unsustainable. There’s also a sense of ‘rebranding’ names or brands in the film industry, perhaps for financial reasons or to maintain relevance. It might involve reviving classics or remaking of old movies or scripts; or passing on legacies through mentorship, a smart strategy to stay relevant.

In the political scene, the card cautions against tension or even the potential dissolution of chambers due to conflicting interests. If this occurs, the executive branch might intervene to resolve the issue, but there’s a sense of favoring the consolidation or merging of houses. It’s an unusual prediction, but that’s the sense I’m getting.


OCTOBER – Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Tarot

If you were born in October…

I see you ready to charge ahead, but now, you’re proceeding with caution, drawing from lessons learned earlier. Some of you may still consider resources as a factor in building your empire or wealth. I understand your concern. But the card assures you that despite seeming inadequacies in resources like money or networks, you possess the talents and tenacity to take the first bold step and achieve victory, embodying the energy of the 6 of Wands, symbolizing victory from adversity.

For those seeking to accelerate their pace, understand that your current speed—neither too slow nor too fast—is appropriate at this early stage of your journey. Learn as much as you can and fight for your dreams.

If you’re a celebrity, the card advises against always taking the sidelines or adhering to the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach, even if pressured to do so. Stand your ground; your potential for victory and garnering a large following, akin to the energy of the 6 of Wands, is evident. Be assured that your stature won’t diminish before achieving fame. While progress might be slow now, your luck will soon pick up pace. Stay true to your beliefs and talents.

In the political landscape, I sense the emergence of a younger figure among politicians, a dark horse embodying firm resolve and strong political will. This individual staunchly defends causes and possesses a gift for articulating what people want to hear from a politician. They’ve been groomed for leadership since their younger years. One day, this person might run for a higher public office as an independent candidate. This interpretation is based solely on the card; it could be related to someone born in October or have significance around October, or the number 9th or 10th.


NOVEMBER – 3 of Cups

3 of cups

If you were born in November…

Anticipate new friendships, family dynamics, and ventures like starting small businesses or corporate mergers and acquisitions, among key highlights to look forward to from this month onward. There’s a strong energy favoring partnerships; you might enter into a productive partnership or engage in mentorship that benefits your endeavors.

Family relationships are in focus, with new romantic or familial relationships emerging. However, it’s crucial to beware of co-dependency and ensure treating each individual as such. If you feel certain family members or friends are meddling in your affairs, consider transparency by communicating your feelings or setting boundaries without straining the relationships unnecessarily.

I also sense an association with two sisters, twins, or individuals embodying Gemini and/or Sagittarius energies, possibly reuniting or getting married concurrently.

On the other hand, I also sense a partnership energy emerges alongside rumors of a third-party relationship. While baseless gossip swirls, communication remains withheld due to another relationship or agreements. Resolving issues related to perceived ‘infidelity’ requires private communication.

For celebrities or politicians, entering a new company or forming alliances is likely. Yet, it might entail starting from scratch, like rebuilding an image or embracing unfamiliar tasks, such as singers venturing into acting or politicians adjusting positions for alliances. In political circles, there’s a warning about manipulative individuals around, emphasizing the importance of keeping emotions and confidential information in check, to avoid vulnerabilities to deceit or conflicting agendas.


DECEMBER – 8 of Wands

8 if wands Tarot

If you were born in December… Firstly, the 8 of Wands appear to me like gold batons. They also signify extensive travel by land and air, although one of these travel events might encounter technical issues or delays. Most of these journeys seem related to money, business, or partnerships. Even if they appear unproductive initially, trust that each journey is fated to lead you where you need to be in the coming year.

Additionally, a smooth transition is foreseen in your life, barring minor glitches that won’t deter your resolve to succeed.

For those starting a new business, aside from cautioning about delays due to the Mercury retrograde season, the period from January 20th next year appears favorable for smooth sailing execution of your plans, enabling you to progress with your plans confidently. The creative field seems promising, especially for careers within it.  Nonetheless, indications suggest another area of endeavor that might offer better income or expansion opportunities.

Interestingly, while examining the 8 of Wands card, two of these wands shimmered, hinting at imminent luck, wealth, or recognition. Keep moving forward and trust your intuition when making decisions. What feels light and right is the correct choice.

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