how to allow angels to help us
Purpose & Spirituality, Relationship

How to allow Angels to help us

My personal encounters with angels Do you believe in Angels? What did they seem like to you? I’ve encountered Angels in “physical form, “one of whom resembled a Christian image of an Angel – dressed in white, with a pair of wings, taller than usual, with longish hair, and a serene face. Another one looked like a regular person; it…

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DIY 3-step anti-narcissist game plan
Health & Wellness, Relationship

DIY 3-step anti-narcissist game plan

With information about health and disorder already available online, identifying a narcissistic personality is becoming easier. Even if the person you’re dealing with has “narcissistic-like” traits like selfishness, grandiosity, thoughtlessness, and so on; or has a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), at the end of the day, it’s still a relationship with a high health cost for you. Because I am…

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Intuition AI robot
Purpose & Spirituality, Technology

Intuition in the era of AI

This evening, I was listening to a local discussion about the Great Reset initiative, and one of the topics discussed was the rise of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, the artificial intelligence (AI) robots. They appear creepy at first and second glance. I was watching a documentary about sex robots the other night (WATCH interview here ) and…

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The Madonna
Purpose & Spirituality

Prayer for the Dejected and the Abused

This is St. Augustine’s Marian Prayer. I included a petition at the end for victims of abuse and other societal and religious ills. We are living in a crucial epoch, when faith is being tested and the bad is edging out the good. In my spiritual experience, the Blessed Mother is a refuge for me when my faith wavers. The…

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healing forest walk
Culture & Lifestyle, Health & Wellness

Forest medicine: Healing in the forest

Tropical forests, which sustain nearly two-thirds of the world’s flora and fauna diversity, cover about 7% of the earth’s land surface, according to a study published in Nature Communications in 2019. However, due to mismanagement and human activities that degrade the forests, this figure is shrinking. Almost 15% of the world’s tropical forests are found in Southeast Asia alone. According…

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Romantic traits according to birthday
Culture & Lifestyle, Relationship

Romantic Traits According to Your Birthday (Ft. ENHYPEN 엔하이픈)

Check this out if you’re curious about what your bias’s birth date and month reveal about their personalities and dating style or if you want to see if you’re a match! ENHYPEN is a new and popular K-pop group comprised of seven young members: Jungwon, Jay, Sunoo, Heeseung, Jake, Sunghoon, and Ni-Ki. Enhypen, which translates to “connection, discovery, and growth,”…

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Bangungut psychic paralysis
Culture & Lifestyle, Psychism

Sleeping with the Dark Entities

Do vengeful spirits or evil forces cause nightmares, sleep paralysis, or psychic paralysis? Death from nightmare During sleep paralysis, the person is unable to move and experiences hypnagogic hallucinations or hears sounds that seem real. When a person wakes up while their body is still in a relaxed state (from sleep), the body’s adjustment to or from rapid eye movement…

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November 2022 Tarot Forecast for all signs
Astrology, Tarot Reading

November 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

The month of November is the eleventh in the Gregorian calendar but the ninth in the Roman calendar. It gets its name from the Latin word Novem, which means “nine” (9). Nine is a divine number that marks the completion of a cycle. The number 9 is avoided in East Asian culture, particularly in Japan and China. In Japanese, the…

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