June 2024 New Moon/Full Moon Horoscope for All Signs

June 2024 New Moon/Full Moon Horoscope for All Signs

The New Moon in Gemini, which started on June 6, is expected to bring an opportunity for fresh starts in communication, learning, and social interactions. This is a time to embrace curiosity, adaptability, and expressiveness. Meanwhile, the Full Moon on June 21 will be in the sign of Sagittarius. This full moon emphasizes themes of … Read more

Silent Victims: Abused Live-In Partners in the Philippine Divorce Discourse

Divorce and Cohabitation

Amidst the debate over whether the Philippines should allow divorce, one crucial aspect of committed partnerships seems to be overlooked: cohabitation or “pagsasama nang walang kasal.” The discussion on grounds for divorce should not overshadow the imperative of safeguarding partners in cohabitation relationships. In the Philippines, two forms of cohabitation (aka Live-In partnership) have long … Read more

The Complex Languages of Relationships and Falling in (and out of) Love

The Complex Languages of Relationships and Falling in (and out of) Love

Love languages have become of great interest in the recent past, especially after worldwide release of the book “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” in 1982 by Dr. Gary Chapman. Despite all these benefits that come with love languages in terms of communication and intimacy within relationships, it is … Read more

How to Talk with Your Loved Ones Across the Veil

How to Talk with Your Loved Ones Across the Veil

Talk with them as if they are just in the next room…. For people in need of consolation amid their grief and loss of a loved one, there are various ways you can continue your relationship and communication with them. Some employ tools such as divination tools like tarot, crystal balls, scrying instruments, or Ouija … Read more

Sacred Scripts, Sinister Schemes: The 10 Commandments in Propaganda Narratives


Faith is not a child’s play When we were young kids that was in the 70’s and 80’s, we love playing outdoors – luksong tinik, taguan (hide and seek), tumbang preso, beisbol, jackstone, patintero, or what we mostly call harangang taga. But there is a common segment of these games that are not often mention, … Read more

Common Practices that Seem “Disrespectful” of the Holy Rosary

Do not disrespect the Holy Rosary… Many people might be surprised to learn that Catholics weren’t the pioneers of using beads for prayer. The practice of prayer beads has roots in various faiths and cultures, including Hindus, Greeks, Buddhists, and more. The precise origin remains elusive, but the tradition spans across different religious traditions. Interestingly, … Read more

Those Senior Moments: Ageing Minds,  Invisible Pains, Unwon Battles

Loneliness in elders

In this article, I aim to dig into a concerning yet often overlooked issue—an epidemic silently affecting our elderly population. In our fast-paced, urban-centric lifestyles, the elderly often find themselves inadvertently left behind, facing isolation and neglect. Despite our best intentions, their limited mobility and declining physical health contribute to their increasing isolation, gradually distancing … Read more

December Tarot Forecast: Mercury Retrograde Edition for All Birth Months

Your December Tarot Forecast Mercury Retrograde Edition for All Birth Months

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season! Aren’t we thrilled about celebrating Christmas and ringing in 2024? This Christmas marks a significant milestone as the nation is finally bouncing back from the challenging aftermath of the 2019-2022 lockdowns and post-pandemic mobility restrictions. Despite new virus mutations and the persistent threat of ‘walking pneumonia,’ the world … Read more

Letting Go and Living After a Relationship Ends

Letting go and thriving after a relationship ends

Pain, at times, can weaken our capacity to be compassionate or gentle, both towards ourselves and others. It has the potential to undermine our tolerance and hinder our ability to see beyond the temporality of experiences. However, not everything that happens occurs solely for a reason; rather, it serves to guide us back to our … Read more