Those Senior Moments: Ageing Minds,  Invisible Pains, Unwon Battles

Loneliness in elders

In this article, I aim to dig into a concerning yet often overlooked issue—an epidemic silently affecting our elderly population. In our fast-paced, urban-centric lifestyles, the elderly often find themselves inadvertently left behind, facing isolation and neglect. Despite our best intentions, their limited mobility and declining physical health contribute to their increasing isolation, gradually distancing … Read more

DIY 3-step anti-narcissist game plan

DIY 3-step anti-narcissist game plan

With information about health and disorder already available online, identifying a narcissistic personality is becoming easier. Even if the person you’re dealing with has “narcissistic-like” traits like selfishness, grandiosity, thoughtlessness, and so on; or has a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), at the end of the day, it’s still a relationship with a high health cost … Read more

Forest medicine: Healing in the forest

healing forest walk

Tropical forests, which sustain nearly two-thirds of the world’s flora and fauna diversity, cover about 7% of the earth’s land surface, according to a study published in Nature Communications in 2019. However, due to mismanagement and human activities that degrade the forests, this figure is shrinking. Almost 15% of the world’s tropical forests are found … Read more

Creating Meditation Habit: Tips from Masters


The advice and suggested body positions in this article are gleaned from some of the top meditation teachers and are simple enough for anyone who wants to develop the habit of meditating. This article contains affiliate ads. Meditation is the first step in all spiritual work. Meditation enables you to become more aware of your … Read more

Understanding Disenfranchised Grief (and Why it Matters)

Understanding Disenfranchised grief

You’re dealing with the aftermath of a loss, and no one seems to understand why you’re cranky, uninspired, or unable to eat. You get the usual “be strong” ,  “it will pass, so don’t worry”, “move on…”, advices. Sounds familiar, right? Disenfranchised grief, is grief that does not align with the greater society’s expectations about … Read more

Simple ways to repel negative energies

simple ways to deter energy attack

It’s a beautiful day, the weather is pleasant, and you’re feeling inspired to start writing your new year’s resolution when your phone rings and it’s your friend who is calling. They’re having a bad day because their job application was rejected, and they need to take their pet to the vet, but they’ve also misplaced … Read more

Are Pinoys over-swearing on social media? (+tips on socmed engagement)

Social Media - Brave Cookie

Have you read this commentary of popular TV personality Bianca Gonzalez? Allegedly, “nababahala siya sa mga mahihilig magmura sa social media (She is becoming increasingly irritated by the growing number of social media users who are accustomed to using profanities)”. She mentioned on her Twitter page that derogatory words like Bobo (moron), Tanga (stupid), Gago … Read more

It takes a village to heal depression

heal depression

I have read about personalities who died by suicide, allegedly because of depression, including Korean K-Pop Shinee’s Jonghyun, and Korean actor Jun Tae Soo. Their deaths put on spotlight certain realities many of us have chosen to overlook. [ See related story here:] I have family members who battled with depression. And while they … Read more