16 powerful one–line prayer for miracle and grace

As we ascend in our spiritual journey, we encounter moments of doubts, fears, confusion, weakness, etc. I have a few favourite prayers that I recite when I need guidance or when faced with challenging situations. These are The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, Angel of God.

Praying can be a form of meditation and is a powerful means to communicate with God through the angels. Prayer does not have to be a litany or in long-form. Here, I compiled some one-line prayers that can be recited with set intentions. These are personally tried and tested, which I hope can help you too.

1. Go before me – When you have a transaction or meeting and you need advanced insight about the place, person, or agenda, seek your angels’ guidance and protection by asking them to “Go before (me)”. This will send the angels to scope the place or person or agenda on your behalf even before you meet with them or go to a place. Usually, angels send you feedback through your intuition. For example, you suddenly feel restlessness, increased doubt, or as if something holds you back or you start feeling lazy. Trust your gut feel because this is how the angels are communicating with you.

2. Make me an instrument of peace (or love)- This is the first line in St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer. Oftentimes, when we feel agitated or combative. Coming from a place of anger, jealousy, envy, or chaos will only create an imbalance to you and your relationship, and a negative chain reaction. This prayer has a profound calming effect that transcends your impulses to react negatively.

3. Give me strength – When you are feeling physically or morally weak, say this prayer like a mantra until you feel you have overcome your weakness.

4. Purify my thoughts and intentions – powerful prayer to overcome temptations and negative impulses. (See related post here)

5. Holy Mary, pray for us – to ask for the protection of the Blessed Mother when you feel threatened, downtrodden or defeated.

6. God Almighty and ever-powerful – this is an affirming mantra of your faith in God when spiritually threatened and besieged with fear, doubt, and anxiety. I recite this when I feel negative energy around me.

7. I believe in your promise of… ( salvation, or happiness, or love, etc) – when you are doubtful that your prayers are unanswered or when you need reassurance that your wishes will be granted.

8. You are always faithful in your promises – affirmation that you believe that God is answering your prayers at the Divine time.

9. Save me/Protect us – a quick but extremely powerful prayer when uttered with strong intention. It is also like an SOS code that will alert the angels to gather around you to protect you from any challenging situation.

10. May we do all for the love of thee – this is partly a gratitude prayer and partly a faith affirmation prayer. This sets you to do things that align with your Divine purpose and for your highest good.

11. May the right words come out of my mouth/May I only say the right things – I say this prayer (any of the variation) before a meeting or when I am about to have an important conversation or transaction. This is especially helpful for people with a temper like me! When I pray this before a significant discussion (that I anticipate would be highly emotional or could push my buttons), I pray this, and I remain calm and rational thinking throughout the discussion.

12. May I rise above my fears/doubts – prayer when embarking on new ventures. Fear and doubts are strategy-slayers and can reverse abundance. This prayer can boost your confidence and increase manifestation.

13. Walk with me – a light prayer that can boost happiness, positivity, and confidence.

14. Take away this pain – A strong prayer when in pain (physical or emotional). This prayer is humbling because you are acknowledging your limitations in times of suffering. Help is always given to those who are in need and especially to those who ask.

15. Heal me – a prayer of surrender to God to take over your pains and sickness and to restore your faith or bless you with good health.

16. Lead me to the right path – when you feel you’re not confident in your decisions, you can pray this for guidance. This is handing the reins completely to your angels and to God during moments of conflicted judgment or when making life-changing choices.

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