Astrological signs’ career, business mini-guide

This pandemic has certainly created disruptions in our personal lives. It has altered our career plans. Everyone is anticipating that everything turns back to “normal” or at least to the next normal where we can go about our daily lives sans the mobility restrictions and finally execute our career and wealth plans. In this article, I wrote career and business suggestions based on each of the astrological signs’ personalities. The suggestions are nor extensive, so are the personality sketch for each sign. But I hope this can help you in mapping your path towards from hereon towards the next normal.

ARIES – The Headstrong
Born: March 21 – April 19

Nothing can bring an Aries down. This is a sign that can go through hoops, smiling. Because they know that life challenges have limits. People under this sign have a strong mental and physical constitution. They are good at networking and making friends.

Aries’s fire brand enthusiasm, leadership, ambitious and competitive personality are ideal for careers in challenging environments like sports, buy/sell and trading, and customer service. They will do well as managers and CEO, security personnel, motivational speaker, teacher or educator/lecturer, IT specialist, researcher, community organizer, artist, accountant, lawyer. They are also suited for almost any business, taking advantage of their ability to make connections and ambitions to succeed.

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TAURUS – The Pleasure-seeker
Born: April 20 – May 20

Practical and ambitious Taurus can rely on its two prominent traits – patience and tenacity to accumulate wealth. They follow through a task or a project, working diligently and are results-oriented.

Change or spontaneity may not sit well with Taurus so they can settle with careers that are predictable and promises stability in tenure and cash flow.

They can find careers in banking, trading, academe, and taking on managerial or supervisory positions in jobs. The home and familiar places provide that sense of security for the nurturing Taurus, which makes them suited for careers in the arts, culinary, hospitality services, counselling, social work, customer service, writing, and carpentry. Because Taurus likes beauty and attracting people, they may do well in theatre arts, photography, show business, Public Relations, furniture restorations, architecture, flower arrangement, agriculture and fashion design.

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GEMINI – The Messenger
Born: May 21 – June 20

Gemini people are great communicators and despite of occasional indecisiveness, they can pull off anything they set their mind to, including securing a job or building a business. They also like to learn and so an occupation that can give them the advantage of learning while earning is a sure fire winner for a Gemini.

Online ventures that can benefit from search engine optimisation, lead generation, app development and tinkering with algorithms appeal to a Gemini’s sharp, strategy-driven mind.

Gemini can be good negotiators so careers in auction, trade, public agencies, sales, and the telecommunication field are attractive money areas. Their gift of gab and natural people skills can make them good speakers, preachers, writers, consultants, organisers, and publicists. Their quick mind make them fit for programming, data analysis, research & development and more.

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CANCER – The Visionary
Born: June 21 – July 22

The warm, creative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic and persuasive Cancerians are very much at home with activities that are related to beauty and their environment. That’s why, home-based work will not likely bore Cancers who love to stay closer to their abodes.

Cancer’s nurturing and sympathetic nature makes them good nurses, caregivers, housekeepers, gardeners, interior designers, chefs, bakers, artists, and wedding coordinators. Because they like attention so a career or business in entertainment, public relations, event organising, orchestra conducting, and art curating can be ideal for this fun-loving sign.

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LEO – The Individualist
Born: July 23 – August 22

Leo people are creative and idealists but some can be shy even though you see them as people who bask in admiration. This is not surprising because the centre stage is where many Leos are in their element. They like to perform and make a good impression.

They are also ambitious and exude that leadership charm and resolve. Careers in the arts (visual and performance) or entertainment excite Leos. Preoccupations that give huge returns are also their bet. They also shine in management or managerial positions, teaching, politics, public relations and brand ambassadors. But a lot of Leos do not like too much paperwork or bureaucracy.

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VIRGO – The Perfectionist
Born: August 22 – September 22

Books, the arts, sharing knowledge with others, are just a few of the hallmarks of Virgos. Their analytical mind and attention to detail can also make them good critics, journalists, and writers/authors and teachers. Many of them are attracted to the healing arts that make them ideal as doctors, nurses, social worker, psychologists, counsellors, therapists, yoga instructors or alternative medicine practitioners.

They can flourish in businesses that help other people such as livelihood training, online teaching and creating online courses, publishing books, mental health helpdesk or website, herbal gardening, or running a bookshop or a vlog/blog on healthy lifestyle.

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LIBRA – The Diplomat
Born: September 23 – October 22

Truth, justice, and balance are a few of the key virtues for Librans to be interested in their preoccupation. It is not surprising that many Librans are in the law enforcement, judiciary or legal profession, diplomats, mediators, and teachers.

Their penchant for beauty makes them dabble in the arts, music, design, architecture, and even cooking. They can excel in businesses that are related to baking/pastry-making, interior design, website design, dating/matchmaking services, gallery and art collection, legal services, music recording and distribution.

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SCORPIO – The Mysterious
Born: October 23 – November 21

Scorpions are all about mystery and discovery. The far-flung places, hidden nooks and crannies, ancient knowledge, and magic appeal to Scorpion people. Not that this group has a dark side. It is just they have a deep sense of wanting to help the humanity with time-tested, under-exploited methods. Their intuitive side seeks for answers that are beyond the tangible or the visible. Even so, Scorpions are in touch with reality that is why, people gravitate to them when they need practical help like money, tools, or food.

Scorpions can be good at any career or business as long as there is no lying or manipulation involved (although Scorpions can have the ability to manipulate to get their desired outcome). Some of the best bets for careers are counselors/healers, spiritual pastor, psychologist, fitness specialist, nutritionist, writers, historian, scientist, researcher, digital nomad, photographer, detective, law enforcement, and human resources manager.

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SAGITTARIUS – The Optimist
Born on: November 22 – December 21

Sagittarians do not settle for a recluse, stagnant kind of environment and want to be preoccupied with varying tasks, and exciting activities. They have indomitable stamina to carry on jobs that require mental agility and physical spryness.

Money is important to them as status. They like to be compensated well for their efforts-who wouldn’t? But Sagittarius will not stay put in a career that gives less for what Sagittarians are capable to give.

They are fun and personable. Jobs that make them interact with people; especially those that involve travelling, public relations, entertainment, creativity or sales can give them the needed boost of energy and motivation. Careers as travelling sales person or agent, product representative, importer/exporter, photographer, digital nomad, researcher, or artist match their free-spirited nature.

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CAPRICORN – The Planner
Born: December 22 – January 19

Once I read that Capricorns rarely move from their spot. It was a funny, albeit sarcastic anecdote (whoever wrote it must have a spat with a Capricorn!) but there is a tinge of truth about it. Capricorn, beyond that placid exterior, is not compromising on stability and security. They are ambitious and can be capable to delve in more than one activity to earn money and gain wealth and reputation.

However, with this tendency to do many things at once, they can spread themselves thin. But don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of Capricorns who are more “grounded” and engaging or focusing only on one preoccupation.

Nonetheless, the ambition to be the best and have it all seems to be a general motto for this group. With such kind of persistence, they of course almost always get what want or set their eyes on. Jobs that suit a Capricorn relate to business, people management and taking risks such as in finances, trading and investments. Specifically, businesses related to food service, retail/wholesale merchandise, stock trading, lending/money exchange, IT/Internet, import/export, agricultural and livestock operations, and travel can fire-up a Capricorn.

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AQUARIUS – The Visionary
Born: January 20 – February 18

Aquarius likes to be independent, non-conformist and a pioneer. This means they have the leadership quality and can sometimes be pushy. But these traits are used in the advantage especially when it comes to career and business.

Aquarius wants to be ahead and/or on the top. It is not that they can elbow their way up and forward mindlessly and without regard to authorities but their persistence is almost unbeatable. Authority is another thing – Aquarians do not want to be boss around. They respect rules but they also question rules. It is because they want fairness and logic.

Career in public administration, new media, research and development, technology development, and higher learning are areas that suit the intelligent and trailblazer Aquarians. Many Aquarians are also involved in the arts and/or show business because these are spaces that allow them to comfortably express their non-conventional side.

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PISCES – The Dreamer
Born: February 19 – March 20

Pisces’s being generous, empathetic and creative is an understatement because this group has a multitude of laudable traits that can make them successful in any endeavour they engage in. But Pisces can be picky in their business and career activities and for as long as these benefit living beings, they wholeheartedly go for it.

There are times that money becomes secondary to humanity-centric Pisces. The underdogs, the downtrodden, the less privileged sectors are the areas of compassion for Pisces. They are however no martyrs-at least not for long, so careers that are well compensated and at the same time allow them to serve the humanity are dream careers for Pisceans. They are interested in occupations as lawyer, social worker, law enforcer, clergy, author, teacher, acupuncturist, horticulturist, florist and chef.

They are creative and dreamers too that they are naturally inclined towards artistic and creative careers, including but not limited to musician, movie and theatre acting, painter/artist, teaching, veterinarian, physician, blogging, scriptwriting/playwright, makeup artist, and beautician/beauty therapist.

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