February 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

When people think of February, they think of Valentine’s Day. The month has become so commoditized that few people must be aware of its origins.  

The month of February is named after the Roman festival of purification, Februalia or Februatio. To embody the meaning of February, we can perform this “spiritual cleansing” ritual today, through prayers, meditation or journaling.  In addition, the energy of 2 is carried by February, the second month of the year. In Hindu numerology, the number 2 represents the moon (planet), which is associated with royalty, change, and enigmatic behavior.

For this month’s reading, I used the Rider-Waite Tarot to pick a card for each zodiac sign to see what the rest of the month holds. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R). But let us try something new. I’m going to include two types of reading: book-based meaning (“book”) reading and intuitive-based meaning (“intuitive”) reading per sign. This is to demonstrate that the meaning-making of a card is not limited.


ARIES (21 March-20 April) – 10 of Cups

10 of Cups - Tarot card

Book: You are intent on leaving a legacy—perhaps (build) a home, a family, or a generational reputation. Alternatively, you might be thinking about retiring or planning to retire soon.

Intuitive: Some Aries will travel by plane or ship in the coming months or within this year. Some Aries can’t wait for the “epidemic”-related restrictions to be lifted so they can travel or visit someone close to them, or perhaps go to an institution or a high-lying location. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that some Aries are becoming “more technological,” which could mean that you’re learning new technologies ( as basic as learning how to use a computer to building programs), or that you’re becoming involved (or interested) in a technology or aerospace organization. What the card denotes is that February is a generally peaceful month for Aries.


TAURUS (21 April-20 May) – Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Book: This month, honesty in your dealings is reiterated for you.

Intuitive: You are definitely letting go of the past or old habits as you look forward to the future or to a brand new you. Meanwhile, there is a major truth that you are considering, wondering if it will have any bearing on a decision you must make. You are attempting to maintain your emotional distance while doing so. Is it because you don’t want to get involved or because you don’t believe in your own judgment? The card says to trust your intuition. Your judgment may be a little off-tangent, but as long as it is based on fairness rather than ego, you are on the right course. Also, don’t make any long-term plans. Resolve what is right in front of you.

Meanwhile, for Taureans that are recovering from a heartbreak caused by false accusations or demeaning words, the card suggests that you use your pain to push yourself forward and spiritually grow.


GEMINI (21 May-20 June) – 8 of Pentacles

8 of Pentacles - Tarot card

Book: You are working hard, mastering your craft. Soon your efforts will pay off!

Intuition: You have a lot on your plate this month and towards the next few months, Gemini. You are a diligent person but we cannot avoid making mistakes sometimes or commit minor lapses in judgement. When this happens, don’t dwell on it; just keep doing what you’re doing.

This month will bring you a windfall of money or work for some Geminis. You may also be rewarded for your diligence or attention to detail. Meanwhile, the card advises you to work hard now in order to be prepared for “rainy days.”

Some Geminis, I sense, are looking for publicity. If you’re a celebrity trying to get projects or to become popular, you’ll get there in time – within this year or within the first quarter of next year. Unfortunately (or fortunately), you must rely more on yourself than on a partner or a manager (if you are a talent).

I’m already seeing indications that you’ll be able to achieve the financial security you seek. Your work or career appears to be your primary focus right now, so avoid distractions (example, new romantic relationship or becoming involved in other people’s affairs, etc.) for the time being.


CANCER (21 June-22 July) – IV of Pentacles (R)

Four of Pentacles

Book: You are no longer frugal with your time, love, or money.

Intuitive: Soon, you’ll be revealing yourself to a specific person, as well as to friends, colleagues, or groups. For some Cancerians, I believe February will bring you all of those “out of the box” ways to make money or gain popularity. If you are introverted, you will soon be able to break free from the “I, Me, Myself” state. You would begin to showcase to the world what you are made of and what you are capable of doing. The challenge for you in February and probably until April is to overcome pessimistic thoughts or triggers that tell you what you want to achieve is impossible. I don’t see anyone or anything standing in your way of achieving your objectives. So it is only your fear or caution that may cause you to lose momentum. Show off your strengths, Cancerians, and watch your star rise.


LEO (23 July-22 August) – Queen of Wands ( R)

Queen of Wands

Book: This month, we’ll see a mellow, low-key, or less feisty Leo.

Intuitive: I have a feeling that someone is falling out of favor with some Leos. Maybe the person disappointed you because they showed you a side of themselves that you didn’t like? So either, they are promiscuous or flighty, and you expect them to be conservative? Are they petty when you thought they were rational? The card suggests that you learn to manage your expectations and see people for who they are rather than what they look like. For the rest of the Leos, you are beginning to embrace your practical side. You’ve realized that “less is more.” Do not throw away or sell your valuables this month because you will not get a fair bargain for them.


VIRGO (23 August-22 September) – The Moon

The Moon Tarot

Book: Representing Pisces; You may be uncovering secrets or mysteries this month in order to resolve certain problems or disputes.

Intuitive: There are so many different points of view around you, Virgo, that you’re not sure who can provide the clarity needed to end the chaos once and for all. Everyone else idealizes a figure, such as a leader or a powerful force, but that figure (the card is warning you) is detached and unaffected.

The card also warns you to be watchful of false “prophets” or “gurus” who everyone – including you – believes are providing you with clarity. Someone is hiding behind a mask, Virgo.

Be wary of your associations as well, because everyone has their own agenda, which can come back to bite you if you are not careful. You are kind and compassionate, and the environment you are in is not “safe” for you. On the bright side, Virgo, I believe your intuition is protecting you. Your intuition is keeping you at a safe distance, like an onlooker. It keeps you from becoming overly involved. Trust in your instincts.


LIBRA (23 September-22 October) – 5 of Wands

5 of Wands - Tarot card

Book: Challenges or rivalry is in your environment. There may be some people vying for your attention or opposing your viewpoints.

Intuitive: You simply want cooperation, but you aren’t seeing it. There are two things to keep in mind. The first is to allow people around you to express their opinions, because you all seem to have a common goal. It may take longer to achieve your goal, but you must also let go of your expectations of others. The second step is to demonstrate how to follow instructions. I’m not sure how that applies to you, but the card depicts disunity in their means of achieving their common goal. If an activity is to take place, the card suggests a cohesive strategy for some Librans. You must create a plan or a feasibility study. Make sure not to involve too many people in your plans. Keep in mind that too many chefs can spoil the broth. Be wary of rumors and fake news.


SCORPIO (23 October-22 November) – Page of Wands

Page of Wands - Tarot Card

Book:  This month’s focus is on a new message or a creative idea.

Intuitive: Scorpio, you’re ready to make a breakthrough with an idea or a project. Are you planning to pitch it to a potential investor or a business partner? The card warns that such action is a little premature for the time being. Work on maturing your project or idea first, so that you can establish your motivations and credibility.  But, just to reassure you, what it is you are planning to do at this time has the potential to bring you wealth and stability; just don’t plan long in advance. Some Scorpios who are side hustling should not quit their jobs until they are earning a good living from their side hustles.


SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December) – The Hanged Man (R)

The Hanged Man

Book: Your impatience is getting the best of you, and you’re not going out of your way to make everyone around you feel at ease.

Intuitive: Some Sagittarians, I believe, have had enough of the noise and drama, as well as the contempt or callousness of those around them. Do you ever want to get away and disconnect from all the trivial issues or even pessimism? Sagittarius, I know it’s difficult to keep things to yourself (or keep your opinions to yourself) in order to contribute, if not create, harmony amongst your group, but it’s sometimes the best thing to do in the meantime.  Anyway, the situation is just temporary.

I also sense some Sagittarians’ discomfort with being “exposed” – for example, you do not want to be embroiled in a situation that you are not aware of, or for your identity to be revealed to a stranger. In a love or relationship, you keep your feelings to yourself because you assume that the mind must rule over the heart-at least for the time being.

The advice of the card is to try to be more tolerant because the situation is just temporary. You’ll get clarity on whatever is worrying you soon (possibly between April and May) or if you need to make a mind-over-heart decision. This month, patience is a virtue for you.


CAPRICORN (22 December-19 January) – Page of Swords (R)

Page of Swords

Book:  Either your message is not being received or you believe you are not on the same page as everyone else!

Intuitive: You may be unprepared to hear a certain truth, or you may be defensive about messages, opinions, or news being shared. Capricorn, ground yourself this month by remaining detached from situations in which you are not directly involved, and by sifting through messages or opinions with an open mind. If the opinion is about you, don’t be defensive; instead, just let these sentiments pass. Do not obsess over how others perceive you – whether positive or negative.  Whether such opinions are based on fact or are mere gossip, keep in mind that your flaws and limitations are part of what makes you unique as a human being. When you’re in love, you have a tendency to push away people who show interest in you. Is it because you are worried of being misinterpreted? Nonetheless, the card assures you that the truth will come soon and that you have no control over it.


AQUARIUS (20 January-19 February) – Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Book: This month, a new message regarding an opportunity or love will emerge, but verify the facts before accepting them.

Intuitive: If you’ve recently been let down, you’ve probably learned the lesson of examining opportunities before accepting them or potential partners before allowing them into your life. You must also have learned that what appears to be too good to be true is often not.

You understand better now that you will not go the extra mile if you are not convinced of a successful outcome. Enough with the empty promises, right, Aquarius? However, Aquarius, I see you dealing with an opportunity (for business, home, or love) this month that may entice your interest. You should carefully evaluate it (and use your intuition) before passing it off because you might miss something that is a good catch.


PISCES (20 February-20 March) – Page of Pentacles


Book: You will be delighted about a new offer of love or money for this month.

Intuitive: You are ceding to your fate this month, Pisces. What I mean is that you want to take chances this month on love or something else that will stir your passion. The card also warns you not to undervalue yourself. Demand that you be fairly compensated or that you be given back what you give.

For some Pisces, I see you making a decision and firmly sticking to it. However, please keep in mind that it is fine to change your mind if you see that your decision is not serving your best interests. Take your intuition with you when you take risks this month, and let it guide you. Meanwhile, I there are other Pisces who will be “entranced” this month by a love interest or an opportunity (or a creative idea or a new hobby). The card’s advice is to simply enjoy the happiness that the moment brings.

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