Simple ways to repel negative energies

It’s a beautiful day, the weather is pleasant, and you’re feeling inspired to start writing your new year’s resolution when your phone rings and it’s your friend who is calling.

They’re having a bad day because their job application was rejected, and they need to take their pet to the vet, but they’ve also misplaced their car keys.

Then they go on a rant about how unfair life has been or how the day is ruining their life. Their complaint does not stop there, and they continue to complain. You probably wouldn’t know what to say or offer to comfort them. You gradually lose your own inspiration as you become deeply invested in their anguish. If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

Each of us (especially empaths), has a predilection to absorb energies around us to varying degrees, affecting not only our mood but also our overall well-being. As a result, we must learn to strengthen our boundaries. Even if you are not an empath, you must learn to maintain your boundaries at all times in order to protect yourself from energy zappers, also known as energy vampires, who harp on negative thoughts such as envy, jealousy, revenge, or blame-shifting, either at you or someone else but use you as a sounding board.

Saying “no” is not enough

It is difficult to strengthen one’s boundaries. Some people believe that learning to say “NO” is a form of asserting one’s boundaries. A verbal NO, on the other hand, is ineffective in cases where unseen thoughts attack you psychically like a laser beam (for example, if someone curses you or makes you a victim of witchcraft), and especially if you are one who absorbs energies easily.


Visualisation of a white light enveloping you or a white (or blue for peace; or green or pink for love) wall around you is often said to be an effective method to deter an energy attack. Visualisation may take practice for some people. To visualise effectively, you may need to meditate and clear your mind.

Repelling with words

Here’s a simple way to set boundaries. If you are under an energy attack and are unsure where it is coming from or when it will strike, chant: “I am protected from all unwanted energies at any time.”

Detaching from negativities

You can simply ignore energy attacks from people you know or who are close to you. Train your senses to ignore sights, sounds, and sensations that don’t belong to your energy or won’t help it vibrate in a positive way.

Ignoring: self-care vs gaslighting

The term “gaslighting” has recently become a by-word when “narcissism” has become a hot topic on social media among local users, and it has unfortunately become a misunderstood word. Some call someone who chooses to ignore another person’s emotional barrage – also known as “drama” – a gaslighter.

You will be labeled a gaslighter if you choose to stay out of others’ emotional and psychological victimisation in the form of cold treatment, blame-shifting, or guilt-tripping by keeping quiet or refusing to discuss issues further.

Only you can protect yourself from the negativity that surrounds you. You are under no obligation to be drawn into someone else’s “drama,” even if that person is your partner, relative, or close friend. While you can show them you care by offering them your time and presence, this does not imply that you must also absorb their negative talk in order to let them know you are aware of their feelings.

Energy clearing following a visit

You do not need sophisticated, expensive tools like Tibetan bowls, crystals or incenses to clear energy. If someone comes to visit you with gossip, bad news, or baggage, you can clear the negative energy by clapping a few times in the room where you meet them, patting the seats and/or pillows where you both sat several times, or randomly sprinkle salt (ordinary rock salt – no need for Himalayan or pink salt) in the room. Keep in mind that it is all about intention. Make your intention to be positive as strong and firm as possible.

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