First steps on a spiritual journey

” Anyone can help me open my third eye?”, asked a lady in a social media page for psychic learners. There were a few who offered to help…while others expressed the same desire to become “psychic”. It is telling that there are a growing number of psychism enthusiasts nowadays.

I’m not sure what their intents are for wanting to tap their psychic abilities . Some, I know, want to see or communicate with ghosts for sheer adventure. Others want to be able to see the future and predict the outcome of their current decisions or relationship. Of course, they are free to do whatever they want; however, I hope they are also aware of the responsibilities that come with (having) such power/ability.

We are all spiritual pilgrims, albeit at different paces and capacities. I’ve had a variety of spiritual experiences, some of which I attribute to the paranormal and others to the metaphysical. I could be a skeptic and look for practical explanations in each experience. But no, The first step in achieving success on this journey is to trust; second, to assist others in their spiritual journeys – which does not necessitate a large action on your part. However, refraining from judging their pace or intentions is already assisting them (Allowing them to learn their lessons is a form of help too).

Different perspectives

For example, I was walking up the hallway the other day on my way back to our flat when I “saw” a “male” walking along the side of the hallway, seemingly stepping sideways, with his back pressed against the wall and his two arms raised up as if to give way to me as I passed by. The hallway isn’t particularly narrow; it can accommodate 2.5 people side by side. Regardless, the “apparition” was brief, and it’s impossible to say whether I saw it with my physical eye or in my mind’s eye at this point. If I had to rationalize it, I would say that I was just daydreaming.

Anyway, the “male” appeared (no pun intended) to be in his late twenties, with short black hair and a white shirt. From the chest below, I have no recollection of what he was wearing. I sensed that he was, however, wearing pants. I didn’t see the face in detail, but I had the impression that there was a face. The “picture” happened in a fraction of a second, and I felt no fear or strong emotions. I looked back to double-check the hallway as I motioned to open the door to my flat. Of course, no one was there.

When it comes to spirit imprints, I’ve found that I’m able to detect them subtly. I was only able to pick up on subtle energies. It’s unusual for me to see “material” apparitions. That happened only three times, about ten years ago. I saw three spirit embodiments in material form: one was a male in an office uniform (I was at work at the time, and it was already late at night); the other was a pre-teen girl whom I saw one evening in the flat I was renting; and another, also in the same flat. The latter, on the other hand, has an odd appearance because it – ostensibly a male, with moustache and wavy hair – appeared short perhaps 2 ft tall and was quite distorted. The apparition passed through the room briefly before disappearing.

Some people can sense even more subtle energies, while others claim to see and communicate with spirits in both etheric and physical forms. I used to be doubtful of information like this. It’s beyond me how spirits can still exist in material form, let alone converse or even dine with the living in the physical dimension!

Every spiritual journey is unique

But, as time went on, I realized – and this is what I’m emphasizing in this blog post – that every experience is different. They’re unique because we’re unique. Each of our experiences is tailored to our readiness, perception, and learning capabilities. You could say that these encounters are custom-made for you, and that you can use them as a guide to unraveling life’s mysteries as they unfold.

Another example is dream interpretation. People I know regard tooth loss as ominous, while others regard it as merely a major life change. Their interpretations, on the other hand, are based on their actual waking life experiences at the time the dream occurred. That is also why I recommend that the person interprets their own dreams, as one’s understanding and interpretation of their dream may differ from that of another. We can only gain ideas and even motivations from other people’s experiences, but not all of them, particularly those related to spirituality, are dry-cut.

As I learned more about spirituality, I realized how important it is to respect other people’s stories and experiences. We claim and own our experiences. We will not only grow but also expand in this way, allowing us to live a life of fullness and progression with the least amount of resistance.

If you’re unsure, ask yourself, “Do I trust this experience?” You’ll get an answer if you take a moment of silence while asking that question. It’s likely that you should trust your own unique experiences because they’ll serve as your personal compass for navigating your spiritual life journey.



God, I’m not perfect. My comprehension is not without flaws. However, as I seek spiritual greatness, you have given me the grace of  recognising the depth and vastness of your Love . You are the source of my knowledge, understanding, and learning. You, who have given me a life as perfect as the transition from day to night, sunset to sunrise;  the changing of the leaves from autumn to spring, and the metamorphosis of a butterfly from its cocoon. Through my higher self, I have confidence and trust in Your guidance. I acknowledge my inner knowing and believe it is leading me to the truth of my soul, the humanity, and the Divinity. Amen.

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