January 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

Let’s start the month off right with a love and wealth reading! It’s worth noting that the King of Swords, Cups suits, Empress/Queen of Pentacles, and Ace of Wands were all prominent in the readings we did at the start of the year.

We could immediately sense the energy of aggressive movement at the start of 2022, perhaps as a result of the pent-up energy during the lockdowns, and the anticipation and determination for a swift movement are bursting at the seams. This energy can be felt in all areas of life, but especially in the areas of wealth and love, which is where we’re focusing right now.

For this month’s reading, I used the Witches’ Tarot by Ellen Dugan to pick a card for LOVE for each zodiac sign and from the Marseilles deck for WEALTH to see what the rest of the month holds. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R).


ARIES (21 March-20 April) – 10 of Cups/Ace of Baton (R )

10 of Cups _bravecookie.com

LOVE: You’ve finished everything you needed to do in time for the new year, Aries! When you’re in love, you’re content and optimistic about the future. However, I have a feeling that this feeling will change around the fourth month of the year.

Let us focus on the months of January and February, when you feel you have nothing more to ask for. The safety and security of your relationship, whether with a special one or with peers and family members, is in your hands. Although I sense that a few of you, Aries, are just going with the flow. What I mean is that you mirror the people around you because you see them happy or at least contented, even if that isn’t exactly how you feel deep down.

It could be the result of unfinished business or irreconcilable differences with other family members or acquaintances, causing pain or emotional separation. I believe that some Aries are “emotionally” drowning…on the outside, they appear happy, but on the inside, they are pleading for “help” or attention. The card’s advice is to think about the long term rather than focusing on emotional “emptiness” or a lack of “harmony” within a family or community.

Whatever you believe is missing or has gone wrong now will be resolved in time…perhaps not soon, depending on how cooperative other people involved in the “chaos” are in resolving it. What you can do now is hold on to your hope for a quick recovery. January and May are your love months.

Ace of Baton-Bravecookie.com

WEALTH: Keep an eye on your cash flow or resources, Aries, if you want to increase your wealth. Also, do not put your savings or finances in the hands of someone simply because they promise you higher returns. You must take control of your finances and not allow others to do so for you. Pay attention to your spending, as this is not a good month for lotteries or investments. You can make money with online businesses such as digital marketing or online selling of small gadgets or small essential or practical items.


TAURUS (21 April-20 May)-The Lovers/10 of Batons

The Lovers_bravecookie.com

LOVE: Taurus singles may find love with someone they already know, someone introduced to them by a mutual friend, or someone they meet on social media. It’s possible that the relationship will start out as a casual friendship before changing into something more romantic. Just keep an eye out for a third party and make sure that you or the other person has already made peace with the past, as you don’t want your relationship to be hampered by it!

Some Tauruses may be tempted to reconnect with an ex or wonder what happened to them. Consider whether it is in your best interests to bring the past back to life. The other person has evolved and is no longer the same person you knew or had a relationship with. So, ponder on that.

Be wary of temptations and gossip if you’re in a relationship with a Taurus. Communication and honesty will help you navigate relationship difficulties and avoid breakups or flare-ups. Suspicion of infidelity or jealousy must be avoided at all costs. Unresolved mistrust can wreak havoc on even the strongest of relationships. May and November are your love months.

10 of batons_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: The card for wealth indicates that you should continue what you planned or started in the second half of last year. Make that plan a reality this year! Your finances will be in good shape, especially if you plan to invest (your earnings) in other sources of income.

There are great possibility for expansion and diversion. A strong partnership is on the horizon. If you are a company envisioning a merger, the year will be favourable for such plan.  I feel that businesses related to food/agriculture and auto or transports  and small shelters/sublet of homes are especially lucrative for many Taureans.


GEMINI (21 May-20 June) – Knight of Swords (R )/Ace of Swords (R )

Knight of Swords_bravecookie.com

LOVE: Someone is holding back, Gemini. They are restraining their aggressiveness or that urge to come closer to you! They are ready to approach you, yet they are unsure if their actions will not demean their intentions. A little defensive but determined is what I am sensing here from the other person. They want to possess you and get you at all costs! But somehow, they are a little apprehensive to make an immediate move, OR, they retreated a bit to possibly gain momentum before they charge (again).

The card says that it is time for this to happen- for love to come to you and sweep you off your feet! It is not a whirlwind romance but something stable and long-term will be offered to you by this Knight of Swords – if you allow it.  February and December are love months for you.

Ace of Swords_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: You’re adamant about making money or improving your reputation, but you’ve chosen to go down a less-travelled path. You want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. The market is already flooded with similar-looking products that perform the same functions.

To put it another way, you’re putting on your creative hat to offer something new and different to the market, and you’re going to succeed! Gemini, the time has come! Everything will fall into place if you take charge of your life now. Because of your diligence and willpower to accomplish things on your terms, you will also receive a windfall of money, praise, or even merits.


CANCER (21 June-22 July) –6 of Cups/Queen of Swords ( R)

6 of Cups_bravecookie.com

LOVE: You’re looking for a connection that’s more straightforward. If you’re deciding between two potential partners or evaluating a connection with one, go with the one who will connect with you on a similar level of comfort. I get the impression that the connection is one of “friendship” or “camaraderie,” and that it will develop into something romantic in the future.

If you’re a single Cancerian, you’ll meet someone who shares your interests, such as being creative, having a similar sense of humor, or having similar food preferences. You’ll both be mirroring each other, and the relationship will have an equal amount of give and take. Someone from your past may be returning to rekindle your friendship.

There may be talk of marriage or meeting the families for some partnered Cancerians as a sign that their relationship is progressing. However, you or your partner may prefer to take things slowly and enjoy your time together more. February and December are your love months.

Reyne De Pee_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: You’re waiting for opportunities to present themselves, for a contract to be signed, for a green light to be given before you can move forward with a plan; or for someone else’s approval and validation before you can test your mettle. You are not in control of the situation if you wait. It is preferable to be “proactive” by simply moving forward. You are a “queen of swords,” wielding mental and spiritual strength to gain an advantage.


LEO (23 July-22 August) – The Hermit (R)/7 of Swords

The Hermit_bravecookie.com

LOVE: Your time of introspection is over, and now it’s time to emerge from your cocoon or shadow and show the world what you’re made of! Also, the emotions you’ve been repressing will now be released on whoever deserves it. You may have lost faith in your ability to form meaningful relationships at one point. But now, from this month through 2022, you’re taking a risk, whether it’s in love or just networking. Will you be successful? Yes, especially if you get rid of the “sullen” vibe you’re giving off.

If someone tells you that you look sad or serious, take it as a sign that you need to smile more! If you’re a Leo who has recently ended a relationship, heal yourself by not looking back. Do not dwell on the other person’s positive qualities or try to reminisce about happy times spent together. In the year 2022, you will form one or two new relationships that will help you get out of your misery. February and November are your love months.

7 of Swords_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: Your resources are steadily increasing. I see a boss or a coworker leaving, and you might be asked to fill in for them. There is movement in your career, albeit a limited one, for both good and bad reasons. The card indicates that you will have opportunities to advance in your career this year. However, if you want to avoid growth constraints, get out of structured organizations/groups, such as corporate. There are opportunities outside of the office that will satisfy you. Routine tasks aren’t bringing you the desired luck this year.


VIRGO (23 August-22 September) – 2 of Pentacles/Valet de Coupe (R )

2 of Pentacles_bravecookie.com

Choosing between love – or devoting time to love – and something else that you believe is “almost” as important to your well-being. On the other hand, you may choose love but still want to prioritize something else, such as your career, family, or social status. When you’ve made your decision, you might want to combine these two priorities into a single, manageable priority.

Who’s coming towards you is a practical person who wants to share what they have with you, but expects you to reciprocate. The individual is steady, quietly ambitious, loyal, and appealing – the whole package! They’re even willing to put their own plans on hold for you. For you, the months of February and April are love months.

Valet de Coupe_bravecookie.com

WEALTH:  I believe you will gradually recoup what you lost or spent the previous year. This year, you see earning potential in a variety of places, such as at work or in the projects you’re launching. I believe there is something about “recipes” that could bring you some money for some Virgos. Activities that require you to speak or think critically are also beneficial. Don’t be overly cautious or calculated this year, as the year encourages you to be more daring and take more risks.


LIBRA (23 September-22 October) – 10 of Wands/Ace of Coin

10 of Wands_bravecookie.com

LOVE: Someone has gotten away from a relationship, or you have gotten away from a relationship, and now you’re wondering if there was any unfinished business. You had the impression that things could have turned out differently if more effort had been put into it. Is it, however, too late to go back now? It’s possible, because things have already changed in your environment.

Your memories of a past love are just a mirage.  I sense something coming between you and your love interest for some Librans (or vice versa). It could be a clash of priorities or opposing visions of what life and love should be like. One of you is practical but lives a fast-paced life, while the other is lavish but dreamy and stoic. To make this relationship work, the practical one must put forth the effort. For you, the months of love are March and June.

Ace of Coins_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: To increase your yield, you must take calculated risks. Invest this year in something that will leave a legacy or pass down to future generations. Real estate or financial investments are two examples of this. Ventures related to agricultural products such as rice/grains and wheat (or breads) may also bring in money.


SCORPIO (23 October-22 November) – 6 of Pentacles (R )/3 of Coins

6 of Pentacles_bravecookie.com

LOVE: You want to secure your family’s financial or material foundations, but I sense that time is also a factor. Either you’re concerned about the time it will take you to reach your financial goals, or you’re concerned about your age (yours or your family members).

Independence is also a problem, possibly because you need to be around your family more than you want to be. You needed some “me” time, but you also needed to be around them – possibly to look after their needs or at the very least to keep an eye on them. This situation has the potential to drag on for a long time. The card suggests that you keep working on yourself, improving yourself and pursuing what makes you happy. You are a unique individual. For you, the months of April and October are the months of love.

3 of Coins_braveccookie.com

WEALTH: “Generational wealth” comes to mind. You want to keep track of your resources and make sure they’re enough, although I see some strains in the resources of some Scorpios. What I mean is that you’re stretching your resources too thin—perhaps you’re putting too much money (or even time) into something that won’t pay off.


SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December) – 9 of Wands ( R)/ 7 of Batons

9 of Wands_bravecookie.com

LOVE: Sagittarius, you’re lowering your guard. Is it because you’re planning to propose to someone or because you want someone to notice that you’re interested in them? In any case, you’re still shy or struggling to summon the courage to approach the person, or at the very least, make advances. You’d rather they pay attention to you!

Yes, they will notice your presence, according to the card, but you must do your part to send them the right signals! “Don’t just stand there!”. Every now and then, strike up a conversation with them or, if you’re on social media, like their posts. Make an impression on them by being active and engaging. For you, the months of February and August are love months.

7 of Batons_bravecookie.com

WEALTH:  “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” as the saying goes, and investing is no exception. However, the card also suggests that you avoid touching one particular resource, which serves as a backup plan in the event that your investments go wrong. It could be your primary residence, primary capital, or primary business. For some Sagittarians, it could mean establishing or reinforcing trust with a superior or authority figure in order to maintain a healthy, stable financial or business position.


CAPRICORN (22 December-19 January) – 10 of Swords (R )/8 of Batons

10 of Swor5ds_bravecookie.com

LOVE: This year, you’re coming out of a period of confusion or busy-ness. Despite this, you may still feel sleep deprived. It’s fine, Capricorn; you have permission to rest and recover.

Others can’t expect you to communicate as frequently as you usually do (I suspect some Capricorns would rather turn off their phones, disable messaging apps, or put them on silent mode). For you, January isn’t exactly a romantic month. If you’re a partnered Capricorn, however, you’ll need to explain to your partner why you want to be alone or less engaged for a while. Love may not be a top priority for single Capricorns right now.

8 of Batons_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: I sense that tasks are being completed or quotas are being met, and that a new cycle is beginning. This year, you’ll be concentrating on growing and expanding ventures that you’ve recently started. I see you dividing your wealth and sealing it, either in a time deposit or locked-up investment instruments, so that it remains untouched. Permits and licenses will be easy to obtain. If you’re investing, I see you making steady but conservative gains. I predict a few short-distance work-cum-pleasure trips for some Capricorns this year.


AQUARIUS (20 January-19 February) – The Strength (R )/Le Pendu


LOVE: Some Aquarians are focusing their efforts on charity work, building a political career, or boosting their social presence, which may put a strain on their love lives or take time away from their personal lives. From this month to at least a quarter of the year, finding a balance between your career (or ventures) and your personal life will be your challenge. You’re so motivated and inspired that you might as well strike while the iron is hot.

If you’re a partnered Aquarian, your partner (or constituents/followers if you’re a public figure or politician or aspiring to be one) will show you a lot of love and loyalty. Try not to appear too distant or unavailable if you’re a single Aquarian looking for love. While a few people are staring at you, they are afraid to approach you for fear of being rejected. They are also afraid of your rebuke or cold, matter-of-fact remarks.

Show your softer, more vulnerable side, according to the card. “Tame your inner beast!” ” and give off the impression of being approachable and friendly. September is the month of love for you.

Le Pendu_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: If you have started a passive income-generating activity in previous years, you will now notice that it is now earning and providing you with good returns. Employed Aquarians who are tempted to resign or retire early because they have passive side incomes should wait until the passive venture is already providing you with consistent and excessive income, according to the card.

Trust your instincts when making this decision. For some other Aquarians, you could succeed in businesses where there is zero to minimal capital outlay, like sales or leasing of properties or drop shipping of goods, or even consultancy of some kind. Be trustworthy and do not attempt to venture into anything that you are not knowledgeable about or will require you to put in (all) your savings/resources.


PISCES (20 February-20 March) – The Star/Ace of Sword ( R)

The Star_bravecookie.com

LOVE: Now is your time to shine! I see you taking more risks in relationships and expressing your emotions this year. You’re still giving, but you’re also learning to take care of yourself! You will be the center of attention, but I believe your standards for a partner have improved. Because you’re no longer swayed by flattery or empty promises, the majority of your admirers will keep their distance from you.

Regardless, you have the assurance that somewhere out there is the right mate who will tick all the boxes and meet all of your requirements. Pisces, your “ideal mate” is right around the corner. They’ll be your biggest supporter! They will make themselves known to you, and they will do so in a bold manner, which corresponds to your vibration this year. Your love months are July and August.

Ace of Swords_bravecookie.com

WEALTH: To amass wealth this year, you’ll need to be determined! There are a variety of opportunities coming your way…small businesses with big profits. I believe that ventures involving automobiles or travel, as well as jewelry or accessories, will be beneficial to some of you. You are free to experiment with plants or farming, but I believe that doing so will only push you back into your cocoon, with less interaction from the outside world. Remember that the card advises you to be bold this year, to take risks, to get out and about, and to emerge from your inner world.

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