July 2023 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

Passion, Truth, Karma in Planetary Retrogrades

The focus of this month’s reading is passion, truth, and karma. With three planets going retrograde during this period – Saturn retrograde from June 17 to September 4, Neptune retrograde from June 30 to December 6, and Pluto retrograde from June 1 to October – all signs will experience micro-defining moments that can have a positive or negative impact on their lives.

The term “retrograde” refers to backward motion. Because all of the planets in our solar system move in one direction on elliptical routes around the sun, retrograding planets only appear to move backwards from our perspective on Earth. Still, in astrology, the planets’ apparent retrograde motion is thought to provide a required cosmic cleaning service.

Source: CBC

Nonetheless, these shifts or life-altering potential must be approached with full awareness of the lessons they bring. If there is ever a deluge of events in our environment and in our own lives, it is to remind us of the lessons that need to be revisited and re-learned.

We are given the opportunity to reset or adjust our views and pursue the life we were born to live. This period is an invitation to our greatness…There will be multiple doors opening for each sign.

For this month’s reading, I chose a card for each zodiac sign from the Marseilles tarot deck to see what the month brings. Please keep in mind that reversed cards are denoted with an (R).


Aries (21 March – 19 April) – 3 of Coins

3 of coins

I sense obstinacy here, either in rejecting change or in going against the crowd.  You should also be aware that you may require the insights or thoughts of others, particularly when it comes to your tasks or navigating your new life. Change is inevitable for you right now, Aries, but while you are knowledgeable and can quickly figure things out on your own, you require the assistance of others, particularly those who are experienced with the new location or situations you will encounter. Be grateful and modest. I envision you generating a steady stream of moderate income with the potential to grow significantly provided you are persistent and prudent with your investments and cash flow.


6 of Swords Marseilles

Taurus (20 April – 20 May) – 6 of Swords (R)

Do not revert to your old ways, Taurus, and even if you believe you were doing well in the past, the current circumstances require you to adjust to changes and adopt new strategies. If you stick to your “tried-and-true” tactics, there is a sense of an approaching end. This may appear to be a safe choice for you, but circumstances around you have changed, and you have changed, as well without even realizing it.  I also sense that certain relationships want to end, but someone is holding on to it. Only the individuals concerned can determine whether it is healthy to cling on to something that is virtually gone or to hope for a reconciliation. A band-aid solution is, without a doubt, only temporary. Accept changes and get back into the flow of your life.


8 of Coins Marseilles

Gemini (21 May – 20 June) – 8 of Coins

You can’t possibly please everyone or meet everyone’s needs. You cannot also be in two places at the same time. On the other hand, I get the impression that the card is telling you to “multiply” yourself, which, in the business context, means delegating work so that more may be achieved at a short period of time. I also sense travel for you, either physically or through some form of interchange of ideas with other people, such as words and concepts. Some collaborative projects can be developed with those who are on the same wavelength as you. I also get a feeling for those Geminis who want to learn a new language or skills for interacting with other people or like-minds. This project can be utilized in the near future.


Page of Swords Marseilles

Cancer (21 June – 22 July) – Valet Depee/Page of Swords (R)

Some Cancerians are learning to be patient, even when things do not appear to be going their way. But I do sense victory is coming for Cancerians. It would be beneficial if you did not overthink issues or get ahead of your ideas, as this can shift your fate by activating your free will or bring you unnecessary tension. You may be eager to start on a journey, whether it is a physical journey or a change in your life direction. In either case, that is already in your energy zone, but you must be patient and trust the process. The card is telling you to let go of control at times.


King of Swords Marseilles

Leo (23 July – 22 August) – Roy Depee/King of Swords (R)

Some Leos will be thinking about getting into a relationship. They want a “queen” or a mate but are unsure how or where to begin looking. Other Leos are dissatisfied with their current status. They demand movement and action. The card indicates that unless you move, Leo, you will remain where you are. For some, a failed or struggling business keeps them stuck or unsure of how to shift course. The card suggests looking ahead and cutting losses. Right now, your standing or reputation may be highlighted for you. Return to making or building because what once existed has become tarnished or aged. The dissatisfaction you will experience is actually telling you to avoid complacency, which is the enemy of growth. Pay attention to what your instinct is telling you. 


7 of Coins Marseilles

Virgo (23 August – 22 September) – 7 of Coins

The card suggests a “return to the fold,” which means returning to something you are passionate about but have ignored or isolated yourself from.  For some, it may imply working for a corporation or organization. You thrive in a leadership role, and it is preferable that you put yourself in a central role, not commanding but rather guiding and leading by example.  If you are planning to undertake one-on-one mentoring, you should put off for the time being because you need to use your time carefully. If you need to provide mentoring or consulting, do so in groups. I sense some Virgos will become affluent or will discover new ways to earn money. You will advance in status while remaining humble.


7 of swords marseilles

Libra (23 September – 22 October) – 7 of Swords

Some Libras may have to be in charge of their family or household, and part of that responsibility is making decisions or enforcing rules. There are also certain relationship entanglements that you are considering cutting away from or disengaging from, or unraveling the knots for some. For the latter, you may go to great lengths to create harmony and order in this chaotic scenario. The card’s advice is to avoid interfering in issues that are not your responsibility to resolve. You have another issue to deal with, one that directly affects your profession, personal life, and even your life ambitions. This relationship situation is keeping you stuck in a rut. Libra, you must broaden your horizons. Your higher purpose is to broaden your horizons. Avoid making others your focus, especially if they are in a toxic environment that they have created. Make yourself a priority.


2 of Coins_Marseilles

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November) – 2 of Coins

I sense a “coming together” of two individuals. This could also refer to your ambitions going full circle. You could also need to make a quick journey. If you have launched a business, the card indicates that it is on the correct track, but you must be watchful and invest in hard work. Coincidences and serendipities may occur for you as well, and you must be aware of these déjà vus. I also sense a solid friendship or collaboration blossoming, which will be helpful to your life.


7 of batons Marseilles

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December) – 7 of Batons

I sense that you desire to stay in one location, but your heart tells you that you need to move or go somewhere else. You’re wondering which path to take. Both ways have advantages, but if you want to go in a different direction, do it confidently. Dream big, Sagittarius. Don’t settle for something just because it’s a safe bet. For some Sagittarius, I sense that there are people or that you are in a setting that appears to be uncomfortable for you. It prevents you from growing and expanding. You are an adventurous personality, and this trait has been bestowed upon you for a reason. Fire your arrows! Shoot as far as your courage will allow! You are granted a fresh start and new opportunities to transform your life beginning in July, if that is what you have set your heart and mind to do. Be unstoppable.


La Pape Marseilles

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January) – Le Pape/The Hierophant (R)

I sense a masculine energy or someone with a great impact on you moving away or disappearing. This can also indicate that you must rely on your own strength and decision-making abilities. Beginning July, some obstacles will be removed for Capricorns who believe happiness is eluding them. I also sense you spending more time with your family and even reaching out to extended family members in order to be an “instrument of healing” for your family. Destiny will change for the better, but you must be adaptable when it comes to “morality.” It is not that you will become immoral, but you may be brought to see that some of your self-imposed constraints are the result of your dogmatic upbringing; and which may also be limiting your ability to be happy on your own terms. You do not always need to seek others’ approval. 


Reyne de Coupe Marseilles

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February) – Reyne de Coupe/Queen of Cups

If you are an Aquarius who is concerned about the complexities of life, the card advises you to look at the big picture in order to recognize that you have power over what you want in lifeIf the Universe bestows a “gift” on you, you must accept it and determine how to use it. Don’t say you don’t know what to do with the gift or that you aren’t ready to accept it because it will be taken away from you. “”Fake it until you make it” is an adage that may help you right now. Other Aquarians may be entrusted with a responsibility, and you must determine quickly whether you are willing to take it on or pass it on to someone else. You are seen as experienced and knowledgeable. This is an opportunity you may not want to pass up, regardless of your age or ability level.


7 of Cups_Marseilles

Pisces – (19 February – 20 March) – 7 of Cups (R)

I sense that there is some sort of mirage or overestimation of capabilities going on, which could create a false sense of grandeur. Some Pisces may experience slow or delayed communication during this time.  You may also be asked to share information with others.  I also sense some Pisces venturing into enterprises involving beautifying or making art or fashion. If you are establishing a business, you will receive support, evaluations, and great remarks about what you offer, but you will still need to work more to market your brand. In addition, rather than following trends, aim to develop a unique selling proposition (USP). Create an entrepreneurial mindset. You must earn money rather than please clients or the public. You have what it takes to become wealthy and purchase your dream home.

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