Mid-month July Tarot Forecast for All Signs

The month of July is what I consider the cusp of the year, even though June is the 6th month and is thus, the middle of the year.  But I feel that July is a calmer month since things have settled in following uncertainties, anticipations and adjustments we might have encountered from early in the year leading up to June . Of course, that is just me!

Nonetheless, July has spiritual significance, Being the 7th month, it pertains to destiny, completion and ripeness.  Seven has a Biblical significance too. God created mankind for seven days; the Book of Revelations (chapters 8-11) tells of the seven angels with seven trumpets that announced God’s judgment to the seven churches (accordingly to signal the Great Tribulation);   Seven, a prime number is also said to signify milestones – remember the 7-year itch?  So, it is no surprise that July holds the power for renewal, rejuvenation and changes. This should give you a clue that if you want to begin a new ritual, a makeover or bring in new energies into your life, July is your ally.

For this mid-month starting the 15th to the 31st of July, I read the energies of what might be in store for each sign of the zodiac. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R).

ARIES (21 March-20 April) – The Sun

The SunYour creative juices are flowing, Aries, or are you going through a mental overdrive? There is a sense of wanting to do too much too soon because you want to feel secure or build solid foundations. You wish someone will back up your idea. For some Aries, your ideas or concepts need time to mature. With your persistence, you will attract a supporter or an opportunity to have your idea or concept find real world applications.

TAURUS (21 April-20 March) – 7 of Cups (R)

7ofCupsI hear some Taurus saying, “ Been there, done that”.  You see the same things and you are no longer having it. You want new adventure or new territories to charter. Nothing is stopping you but your belief that things will not change for the better. For one, that may be true especially if you’re surrounded by people that are fixed in their ways or circumstances that are “static”. But you can change or resist being stuck! Meanwhile, for those Taureans whose patience is running thin, leave behind what is no longer working. There are plenty of fresh opportunities elsewhere where you can thrive better.

GEMINI (21 March-20 June) – 9 of Pentacles

9ofPentaclesI see the 9 of Pentacles as a more down-to-earth, domesticated version of the Empress. It is also more maternal (or paternal, whichever gender you are identifying yourself with). You are now feeling “more settled” with what you have or more content with how you look and feel. If you are a single Gemini, you are not – or at least for now – actively looking to change your status (Read: find a partner). If you are partnered, you are content in your marital or partnership bliss. Good for you, Gemini! Because in this state of optimism, peace and gratitude, you are in an auspicious position to manifest! So, expect a nice surprise or two in the next few days or weeks.

CANCER (21 June-22 July) – Justice

JusticeAt the heart of Justice is a subdued emotion to allow objectivity and fairness. You are not allowing your emotions to get the better of your judgment, OR, the Justice card advises you to be objective and balance out your emotions, especially when making decisions. Cancerians, there are people who rely on your sound judgment, or to at least make smart decisions.  I hear the words “Don’t play dead” while reading the energy of this card. I interpret it as you receding in the background because you feel powerless to make balanced decisions.  Otherwise, you want a “sure-fire” and “fool-proof” outcome, which is not assured unless you try to make things happen.  

LEO (23 July-22 August) – 2 of Cups (R)

2ofCupsYou appear to have a different love language or that you have another way of saying things. Nonetheless, you must not expect others to speak the same language as you do. Charm (or physical attraction) is one thing but allowing balanced exchange is also important in building rapport with others (or a certain individual you are eyeing to form a romantic relationship with). Meanwhile, for Leos experiencing boredom in their relationship, you either take the reins to perk it up or nudge your partner gently. To foster harmony, drop any attempts for projection or mirroring.

VIRGO (23 August-22 September) – 3 of Swords (R)

3ofSwordsThe period of serial disappointments is almost over, Virgo. If the month started with frustrations due to unmet expectations or unresolved conflicts, the days and weeks ahead will be calmer and more stable. There is a truth that will be revealed to you. I feel that whatever information that are being held under wraps for some time will come to light.  I could sense some movements too…let us hope that these are positive ones as I sense that it feels like more than you can handle.  Meditate to achieve inner stability.

LIBRA (23 September-22 October) – King of Pentacles

KingOfPentaclesKing of Pentacles signifies stability, power, stoicism, or abundance. It represents positive things more than the negative. In this case, however, I sense that you, Libra, or someone significant to you is “manipulating” something like time, event, material to protect a certain interest. Or could it be that this “manipulation” is necessary to maintain stability or the status quo? For other Librans, the King of Pentacles card is advising you to be more assertive when it comes to handing down your terms; Also, it advises you to protect your domain. There is also a sense of you needing to mediate in order to restore or maintain equilibrium to a situation.

SCORPIO (23 October-22 November) – Wheel of Fortune (R)

WheelOfFortuneScorpio, when I look at your card, I see a mirror with reversible reflection. Cryptic isn’t it? But what it tells is that you cannot evade what destiny has in store for you. Fortunately, skies are already clearing up for you and so you will receive clarity about certain aspects in your life that seem to cause confusion. Meanwhile, karma seems to be taking place. What I mean by Karma is cause and effect. This may not be happening for you directly but for someone significant to you. “For everything, there is a season; a time under the sun,”  an adage to remind you in the next two weeks that things will start to change in your favor.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December) – The Lovers

TheLoversThe feeling is like starting over again in life or in love. You want to be sure you are on the right track, yes? Guess what, you are! You are, in fact, being blessed by the Universe for being patient and steadfast. You trusted the process that is why, now, you are to harvest the fruits of abundance and knowledge. But don’t stop, Sagittarius. You are just starting on your journey of transformation. From this mid-month, you need to actively pursue your goals. You must not buckle even if you feel limited. The angels will guide you through your intuition. Follow it.

CAPRICORN (22 December-19 January) – Knight of Swords (R)

KnightOfSwordsThe advice of the card is that you need to slow down or take a step back. Try to see the bigger picture, Capricorn and use your intuition too. Not everything is answerable by logic. For some other Capricorns, you might regret something you said (or wrote). Be humble and apologize if you need to. Control your urges to dominate and listen more actively to the opinions of others.

AQUARIUS (20 January-19 February) – 5 of Cups (R)

5OfCupsYour worry about the future is based on what happened or your experience in the past. Past disappointments (or losses) that have left behind deep scars can be difficult to overcome. But remaining in this disposition is only making you unhappy and miserable. The key is to stay focused in the present, Aquarius. Appreciate how things have improved between now and the previous times.  When you snap out of your obsession with going back and forth to past hurts, you will start building solid foundations, either materially or in your relationships.

PISCES (20 February-20 March) – 9 of Pentacles (R)

9ofPentaclesYou may be feeling a little lackluster lately, or that feeling of lack is hounding you. Some Pisceans may also feel that their skills need upgrading. Why not consider taking up online classes or read up more books? Find inspiration on the Internet and hone your ideas. Do not get stuck with obsolete theories and complicated concepts, Pisces. You have the talent to capitalize on. But you are urged to step up  your game (or stay ahead of the competition) by polishing up your wares.

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