May 2021 Tarot forecast all signs

May is springtime for us here. I remember the fire tree – which we call Calabllero that we had in our old house in Bulacan. For me, it was the most awesome tree in our neighborhood. May evokes the energy of new beginnings, of fun, of reunions. It is also because, during May, many towns in the Philippines are celebrating Fiestas in honor of their patron saints. May is also a “nurturing” month – not to forget that we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

For this month, I read the energies of what is in store for each sign of the zodiac. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R).

ARIES- Ace of Swords
AceOfSwordsIn May, you are determined to reinvent yourself, your life, and impose rules to those who are crossing your boundaries! A determined Aries is what we are going to see this month. But not everything will turn out the way we expect them to be. That is part of the process of change. There are no shortcuts and no straight roads. I see a lot of symmetry in your life this month and you will be taking charge. There will be a lot of planning. Some Aries might want to make a peace offering to someone with who they have had a spat with. But you are making sure boundaries are set. That is a good move.

TAURUS – Temperance (R)
TemperanceTell your story, Taurus. Don’t hold it back. It has been there in you for a while and it is preventing you to soar, be free and enjoy your life. What is it that is burdening you? Are you keeping a secret you wish to share? There are still people around that you can trust. For some Taurus, I see you making sense of all the information shared with you, how these can benefit your goals. You feel that some are just empty talks. You are also looking at how your connections are fulfilling you emotionally. I must agree though that you need to be selective when it comes to connection. Not everyone is willing to know you in-depth this month.

GEMINI – 9 of Wands
9OfWandsToo much to do, too little time! Which ones to prioritize? This month, you feel, you’d rather be elsewhere than doing all these tasks that you feel are redundant or are no longer worth your time. For some Geminis, you want a change of scenery. That might happen around June-July. This May, though, you will have to do the “first in first out” strategy or do tasks from left to right, however that resonates with you. Be patient but at the same time set your sights on your goals. Without the latter, your attention will always be taken away by these monotonous tasks.

CANCER – 6 of Swords (R)
6OfSwordsIf in the previous months you feel stuck, Cancer, in May you can sense a shift in energy around you. There will still be slowness but know that you are already getting to your target destination. There are still uncertainties as to how you are going to steer your course but just continue to push forward Cancer! The most important thing for now is that the storm has passed and you can already safely go to the direction you desire but you need to be determined to do so and not be distracted by fear or irrelevant thoughts.

LEO – 6 of Cups
6OfCupsNostalgia again, Leo? Past is past and while they bring beautiful memories, some of these memories only reside in your mind. In other words, they are the what-could-have-been and have not really occurred. Refrain from justifying the past person or situation by your illusion of a good memory with them, “if only” or “what if”. Be in the present and acknowledge with grace that past is gone. The same goes for other Leos who want to venture into a new activity, business, hobby or relationship. Discover and bank on new talents, skills, or strategies and do not rely on what has worked in the past. In a relationship, update your expectations.

VIRGO – 10 of Pentacles (R)
10 Of PentaclesYou are rebuilding from the ground up, Virgo. Just keep pushing because the card shows a positive transformation ahead of you, that is, if you focus on your goal. Your experience (in life and/or profession is your blue-chip) Now, the challenge is, what is your goal? Have you already set your goal? Have you updated your target list? Remember we are onto the “next normal” and you have to adapt to the spur of the moment changes. You are a grounded person but your worries about time or even setbacks might even slow you down or create setbacks! Virgos, this month, you are not seeing the entire picture of all the great possibilities in store for you. Nonetheless, it does not mean it is not going to happen. Keep your focus.

LIBRA – 4 of Cups (R)
4OfCupsMulling options…you know who to choose but somehow, there is a missing piece to the puzzle, so to speak. Or are your expectations sabotaging a connection? You’re trying to use your intuition when making a decision. You’re almost ready to make the compromise in this connection, but why is it you feel like not taking action? Take your time, Libra. For some Libras, a connection or situation from the past is making you restless. Make peace with the past.

SCORPIO – 9 of Cups
9OfCupsScorpio, you have some expectations this month that you wish will be realized. You have waited for so long for it to finally happen. Guess what, it is coming! For some Scorpions, you want to pick the best out of the several options presented to you. You feel you cannot afford to make mistakes. Actually, you need not rush this month. Do not make a decision just because you are bored or because you feel you have wasted so much time choosing. Be in the right disposition and frame of mind when making choices.

6OfCupsYou are feeling comfortable in your current circumstance, location, or position. You feel that any movement is unnecessary for now as everything is fine. You are just enjoying being laid back for now. A friend or close relative may visit you and it is going to be a pleasant visit.

CAPRICORN – 6 of Wands (R)
6OfWandsThe reason why you are not in a competitive mood, Capricorn is because you need to slow down. Not being able to get what you want now does not mean you failed. For some Capricorns, you want to be the pioneer in something. There is just a slight delay in your plans but you might want to check if there are loopholes or inconsistencies before you charge forward.

AQUARIUS – 6 of Pentacles (R)
6OfPentaclesAquarius, you feel something is not adding up. Do you notice an imbalance in your dealings or situation? Is there anyone among your group that is not contributing their fair share? Might as well talk with them and explain why their contribution is significant. Slacking off, if left unchecked, can become habitual. For some other Aquarius, getting people to agree to your concept of balance may be a challenge this month.

PISCES – 3 of Cups (R)
3OfCupsDiscord in family or friendships or organization: That happens sometimes. It is just that it is not conducive amongst yourselves to make a consensus or agree on certain concepts. Someone in the group, you feel, is creating the discord. What the situation requires of you is to initiate to find common grounds first. Get that rapport. Don’t be too pushy this time.

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