November Tarot Forecast for All Signs

November holds the promise of new beginnings, being that it exudes the mystical power of the number 11 – the portal of transformation.

The month also brings creativity and strong intuition.  We can actually do manifestation rituals when the clock strikes 11:11 or make a wish or pray with intention on the 11th of November.

For this reading, I use the Rider Waite Tarot to pick a card for each zodiac sign to see what the rest of the month holds. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R).

ARIES (21 March-20 April) – 9 of Swords (R)


Aries, never believe that your efforts have been in vain or that your causes have been abandoned. There are signs all around you indicating which way to go forward or which way to alter course. However, it appears that you are preoccupied with what has not yet occurred or what you anticipate will occur. Some Aries may feel trapped in the past, or painful or unpleasant thoughts may resurface from time to time. The card is telling you to relax and let go of those crippling thoughts. You must instead focus on a brand new day. Because you are not receptive to new possibilities or opportunities, you may be keeping them from reaching you. Instead, you may be dwelling on memories that are no longer relevant to your present. There is hope for you, Aries; all you have to do is will it.


Judgement -Tarot card

TAURUS (21 April-20 May) – Judgement

Taurus, your patience will be tested this month, but your thoughts, advice, and opinions will also be sought. Perhaps there are individuals or a group of individuals that turn to you for guidance and authority. I also believe that you will be called upon to arbitrate in order to end a dispute among a group of individuals or to re-interpret certain issues in their proper light. Taurus, you tell it as it is and prefer to stay away from the drama. I also see some Taurus sharing their brand or business ideas with a group of individuals, potentially at a high-level meeting.


5 of Wands - Tarot card

GEMINI (21 May-20 June) – 5 of Wands

This month, Gemini, I believe things are starting to fall into place for you. Give it time whether you’re establishing a business, a project, or a relationship, reads the card. If you desire longevity or durability, a slow start is the way to go. It takes time to build a strong fortress. I also believe that some Geminis will meet like-minded people or join a cause-related club. This month, you’ll meet new people and create new friendships. Over-all, this will be a sociable month for Gemini – online or offline.


8 of Cups -Tarot card

CANCER (21 June-22 July) – 8 of Cups (R)

This month, Cancer, you’re attempting to be content with your current situation. You’ll eventually discover that’s not enough; there’s still something missing. The card is telling you not to limit yourself; instead, find out what truly makes you happy, even if it takes venturing outside of your comfort zone. Have faith in your instincts. Allow it to act as a compass, guiding you to the things that will “complete” you. Luck is in your hands.


Page of Wands - Tarot Card

LEO (23 July-22 August) – Page of Wands (R)

Leo, you must accept yourself for who and what you are. That is the only way to discover your true calling (in life). If people “rebuke” you for being short-sighted, meticulous, or simply seeking fleeting pleasures, don’t allow them to stop you from discovering your passion or how you can fully nurture your abilities. The card reiterates that you are in charge of your own future. You are free to go wherever you wish and to reach the highest star, if you want.



VIRGO (23 August-22 September) – King of Cups (R)

The Universe knows you are generous with your love and attention, Virgo, but this month, you must save some of it for yourself, lest your emotional resources run dry. This month, you should concentrate on yourself, set out your plans, and stick to them. In addition, the card warns some Virgos not to be readily swayed by circumstances or persons that threaten your peace. A little selfishness is also a form of self-care


The Fool-Tarot Card

LIBRA (23 September-22 October) – The Fool

You’re no fool, Libra, because even if you’re letting loose this month, you’re still aware of your limitations and boundaries. I sense that you are letting your prior experiences to influence how you make or create future decisions. Why don’t you just let things happen instead of trying to control or define them based on your past experiences? The card is teaching you that the Divine power is limitless, and that if you let go of some of your controlling instincts, it can make anything possible for you (and everyone).


Justice -Tarot card

SCORPIO (23 October-22 November) – Justice

This month, your decisions have a sense of finality to them. Alternatively, you believe your words or decisions are important enough to be taken seriously. The card, on the other hand, serves as a reminder that other people’s perspectives, beliefs, and choices are just as legitimate as your own. For those Scorpios who are awaiting a decision or verdict, the conclusion is “half-and-half,” which could suggest that it isn’t quite what you were hoping for. In any case, the card guarantees that you will not be taken advantage of.


The Emperor - Tarot card

SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December) – The Emperor

This month, Sagittarius, something is cooking in your head — a strategy? Is there a plan? Is this a bold move? Whatever it is, it appears you will catch some folks off guard. Some Sagittarians expect you to lay down ground rules for everyone to obey. You could be hesitant to take on such a role since it feels constraining, and you won’t be able to break your own rules! In other words, a circumstance this month may put pressure on you to be more restrained, traditional, and regimented, which is not in your nature.


8 of Pentacles - Tarot card

 CAPRICORN (22 December-19 January) – 8 of Pentacles (R)

You might need to take a break from all of this hard work. Because you haven’t paced yourself, you’re approaching saturation or burnout. It’s a good idea to take a break this month, according to the card. Yes, you do deserve some “me” time. Some Capricorns, I feel, equate relaxing with laziness. No, you won’t be missing out on anything just because you are resting! For some Capricorns, holiday bills are already on their minds. Simply relax!


Ace of Wands - Tarot card

AQUARIUS (20 January-19 February) – Ace of Wands

November appears to be resonating with many Aquarius because it will be a good month for forging new ground, offering new ideas, or launching a concept or product. For you, the theme is technology and innovation. You can benefit from this month’s favorable vibe if your plans or ideas focus or are based on these two areas. Other important areas this month for you are real estate, career change, birth of a new baby or christening – all of which are favorable.


10 of Cups - Tarot card

PISCES (20 February-20 March) – 10 of Cups

You’re cheerful, Pisces, since you’re getting into the holiday spirit (as in Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year). You’ll be more receptive of others, such as your neighbors, coworkers, and even complete strangers. This month, you’ll be focusing on your family. Also, intuition or even psychic senses may be enhanced for some Pisces. This is due to the fact that you have a positive vibration. Many Pisces, I believe, will avoid nostalgia in favor of staying in the present or looking forward to a brighter future. As a result, blessings will pour down like rain!

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