Psychic experience in dream meanings

Dream analysis fascinates many people…

When their dreams appear strange or odd, they begin to overthink what they mean or how they will translate in their waking life. Of course, they anticipate fortunate rather than ominous outcomes. Let me tell you about something I recently discovered about receiving signs and messages through dreams.

I was thinking a lot about my mother the other week (as I constantly do). I’ve missed her more than ever before. My thoughts would then turn to a relative who had wronged my mother before her death. That week, I had a dream about that relative (which would be expected because I was also thinking about him) with his bike  (an identifier, since that person would ride bicycles most of the time).

I would be concerned about that relative during my waking hours, as we have already lost contact with him and his family as a result of the incident with my mother. There is no way to know how that relative is keeping or if he is well.

Then a thought came to me last week…I suddenly remembered the time when that relative did something distressing that contributed to my mother’s sadness. I was not present at the event and was only told about it by my niece, but a “scene” played out in my mind, and I also “saw” my mother as extremely sad and weak during that scene.

The thing is, I had completely forgotten about the situation, so I had “softened” towards that relative and was willing to forgive if he would reach out to apologize for his actions against my mother. But, on the day I was reminded of it, out of nowhere, and because I mentally “saw” what happened at the time, I became enraged and told myself that it would be difficult to ever forgive that person, especially his wife.

Nonetheless, after some thought, I realized that the dream and “vision” of the event were not about my emotions. I had an impression I could feel what that relative was dealing with at that moment – guilt and remorse. My mental vision was probably what was going through my relative’s mind as he recounted what he had done to my mother.

Shared experiences: Not everything is about “you”

Developing one’s intuition can lead to psychical experiences. It’s likely that you’re imbibing the other person’s energy if you think about them and suddenly feel or be concerned about something you wouldn’t normally be concerned about. If, for example, you were thinking of a friend and suddenly became concerned about your finances despite the fact that there was no reason for it, it is likely that you are “sharing” that friend’s experiences (they may be concerned of their own finances at the time).

A shared experience involves feeling (or experiencing) the other person’s condition. In certain psychic work (for example, when aiding crime investigations), the seer enters the energy of another person to see or experience that person’s situation as if seeing through that person’s eyes or thinking through that person’s mind.

When my mother was actively dying, the same thing happened to me. I was angry, frustrated, and in deep grief at the same time she was dying. On the bathroom mirror, I saw her face as my own, and I sobbed uncontrollably, pleading with my angels to protect her and spare her suffering.

 Meanwhile, telepathic communication was being passed back and forth between my mother and me. It was an uncontrollable occurrence that I was going through without even realizing it. My emotions and thoughts seemed to be on autopilot.

When I was brought back to “reality” and my niece informed me  that my mother had passed away, I was taken aback and asked my Angels, "Why?" I had not intended for them to take my mother away when I negotiated with them to protect her 

Psychical events such as shared experiences of pain (physical, emotional, or mental), joy, grief, guilt or repentance, and other intense emotions can be difficult to deal with, which is why, if you recognize that you are sensitive or work in the psychic field, you must learn grounding techniques. Allowing your Angels to guide and protect you from being afflicted by external experiences by praying or praying for protection and allowing them to guide and protect you is extremely beneficial.

Archangel Jeremiel (or Uriel; Ieremihel in Latin, Jerahmeel in Hebrew) is the angel of dreams and visions. It’s also the Angel who helps people reflect on their lives (i.e., life review) or help departing souls cross over.

Otherwise, the experiences may depress you or lead you to believe that they are your “own” experiences.

Alternate meanings in dreams

I had a dream about myself the other night. Later, I’ll explain the dream’s symbolisms and offer my final interpretation:

In the dream, I left the house to supposedly buy something. I had my phone in my hand. Midway through, I began to forget why I had left the house.

Then, as I approached a closed store, I was stopped by a group of barking white dogs—about 6 or 7 of them. I was afraid they were going to bite or attack me, so I resisted. But they just kept barking and began to encircle me.

My back became heavy all of a sudden. Then I realized another white dog was pinned on my back and was the source of the weight on my back.

I wiggled my body several times in an attempt to dislodge it. But it was almost clinging to my back. I suddenly realized I was holding a small brown cardboard folder in one hand, which I had used to drive away the barking dogs and poke the dog on the back.

It eventually fell off my back and onto the ground. The dog looked old but huge and it had severed head. It appeared to be already dead.


  • Out of the house– psychical experience; out of the body
  • Mobile phone-communication from the spirit or telepathic message
  • Closed store – imminent change, indicative of acquiring something new
  • White dogs – usually guides or messenger of protection. Dogs always signify loyalty (i.e., black dogs may signify betrayal or even grief)
  • Barking – warning; also mean gossip or scandal
  • Dog on my back -someone relying on you; in my dream, it also crosses with the idiom, “dead weight”, which means, “the heaviness of a person or object that cannot or does not move by itself (Source: Cambridge dictionary)”
  • Dead dog – meaning varies but usually denotes that something or someone has been wasted away after a fight. In my dream, the dead dog was someone who was outnumbered by the pack of barking dogs.
  • Old dog – aged, matured person, one who does not learn (as in old dog can’t learn new tricks)
  • Headless dog – maligned, one without reputation or have lost reputation; no identity; slaughtered mercilessly
  • Folder – kept or hidden feelings, secrets

When I first interpreted it, I gathered from various online dream meanings websites that I would be confronted with unfortunate events and would be involved in an altercation. Nice, right?

However, the meaning would be different, psychically, because dreams can convey messages from external energies or for other people.


Someone may need help – someone in an environment where they are maligned, and treated unfairly or inhumanely. That someone, on the other hand, is helpless, and while they can fight off their enemies (due to their massive size), they have not recognized their own strengths and have allowed themselves to be beaten and “killed” by a mob of gossip mongers and cruel people.

It has lost its head as a consequence of shame;  and identity loss as a result of giving up its power. It being heavy on my back meant that I had carried the weight of this person to the point where I became responsible for her. It had long been “dead,” which means it had ceased to live a life as a human (possibly), and I had only supported that person in getting through the days. Without realizing it, I felt its weight and was burdened by it.

With this information, I was able to recognize the person depicted in the dream. True, that person messaged me and informed me of her situation. I’ve been assisting this person for years, and despite giving her options and advice, she was unable to help herself because she had given up her power. That is also why, when helping them, I frequently felt overburdened.

Meanwhile, the dead dog’s other identity is the guilt I’ve been carrying for a long time since my mother died. I was feeling guilty because I felt I didn’t do enough to save her. The dream told me that it is time to let go of the guilt because the person who was the object of that guilt is no longer alive.

Reflecting lessons in waking life

Dreams reveal lessons we need to recognize and live by in our waking life because they are portals to higher consciousness and etheric realms.

Dreams also provide answers to our questions. When you need an answer to a question, write it down before going to bed and ask the Angels (or your spirit guide or higher self) to deliver the answer in your dream.

If you haven’t received a “dream” response, keep asking the question mentally or in writing. Please be patient. The next day, write down the specifics of your dreams. Take the symbols as they are (search for the dream meanings online).

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Then consider the symbols. When I say reflect, I don’t mean “thinking” about the symbols, but rather visualizing them in your mind. You may need to set aside some time for this ( but admittedly, I sometimes reflect while doing the dishes or cooking or while in the shower).

Reflecting also refers to making your mind as clear as a calm body of water, where you can look at images from a different perspective.

Reflecting will help you discover the true meanings or messages in your dreams. Remember that your dream may not be about you, but about someone close to you or a situation that requires your attention or discernment.


Prayer to discern dreams

Guardian angel of inner vision and divine light, allow God’s mercy and protection to envelop us all throughout our days, whether we are sleeping or awake, at work or at play. Enable our eyes to see the world in the way that God wants us to see it, so that we can help others avoid being blindsided by half-truths, falsehoods, or their own biases. May we always seek clarity before reaching any conclusions that may be detrimental to our spirit. Amen.


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