Signs that they are dream visits from loved ones

How do you know that it is a dream visit or a random dream? This post is a sequel to my other post, Silent goodbye: What that mysterious stare means. Let me just explain that what I have written here is based on my experience and is not supported by scientific or metaphysical studies.

When I get “dream visits” from my departed loved ones, these are the common signs:

1. The “detached stare”
The stare is one that appears “detached” as if they know me but the relationship bond that we had is no longer there. Let me explain further.

For example, the mother of a good friend of mine who passed away some months before that friend of mine figured in a dire circumstance, “took me” to the kitchen of their old home. She appeared to be near the kitchen doorway (I was in the kitchen and she was outside the door). Her face was “younger” in that while she was in her old age the wrinkles and sagging were absent (I also noticed her sweat-dried hair, which was also a characteristic I noticed in another friend of mine and former boss who made a dream visit a few months since his passing). The mother of my friend who was about an arm’s length away from me stared at me with a faint smile and an “I know you but from where I do not know” look.

It was the same expression I got when I had a later dream visit by my mom, a couple of nights ago. In that dream visit, she said she was visiting my uncle-her brother- who had just passed on in June last year, in the “hospital”. My mom was holding an umbrella (a signature object for me to recognize that it was a dream visit).

When I asked her where she was going, she also gave me that “I know you but from where I do not know” look. I asked her to “stay with me for the night”, to which she “acquiesced”. I would like to emphasize here that in my dream visits, there were no “verbal” exchanges, which are obviously non-existent in that realm.

So, what I am realizing is that in that state of our loved ones’ spirit transitioning, their bond to us has shifted into a more detached kind of knowingness, even though us, still living in this physical world still behold that relationship bond we have with them.

I would be very harsh in saying that for them, in probability, there is no longer the relationship that we shared with them on this earth. For example, my mother: I still acknowledge her as my mother, I still “call out” to her as my mother, and still relish our mother-daughter memories together. But, for her, that might no longer be the case. Her spirit is no longer “my” mother but someone who “used to be” my mother.

On the other side, she no longer is related to me (based on her expression that I described above) the way that I define that relationship on this material, social plane. She acknowledges me but is no longer confined to our “earth” relationship. There is something impersonal about the relationship shift. It is impersonal in the sense that their care and love is limitless and not bound by anything traditional. It lacks the possessiveness in a relationship that is quite “material” in nature (material because our world is a material plane).

2. Objects, places, or unique trait that are significant to you and them
I call these “identifiers” or “connectors” that are not or are rarely present in common dreams, for example, in standard or precognitive dreams.

First of all, what is a standard dream? For me, these are dreams which manifest the things that you are thinking about, heard, or saw during your waking moments. They may also show your departed loved ones but the dream is too cryptic to even make sense to you or you will not remember the details when you awake.

Standard dreams also will have common themes or elements such as: falling, being chased, death, teeth, planets, flying objects (planes, UFOs), sky/clouds, stairs, and others. These are symbolic of the dreamers’ situation. Precognitive dreams present themselves either with symbolisms or nearly exact scenes of what is about to happen. These dreams may come about as precautionary signals from the spirits/angels or your own mind.

In dream visits, the visitor uses an object that you can identify them with. For example, recently, in dream visits by my mother, she would hold an umbrella. My mother was an “umbrella” person, always touting an umbrella because she did not like her skin to be exposed to the sun’s UV (hence she had good skin).

A dream visit by my dad showed him a big red spot at the back of his head because he died of an aneurysm. One of my sister’s dream visits showed me the artificial orchids she gifted me for my shop.

My late boss, whom I was quite close to, visited me and joked about me finally showing interest in him. When he was alive, he would actually show interest in me but never spoke about it (for professional ethics, of course). And he always liked to tease and “flirt”.

3. Vacuum voice
I had experienced this twice and decided that I must include this in my list. You see, I would know that a dream is a precognitive dream if I would be roused to sleep immediately after that dream.

One time, after days of sending telepathic messages to my mother, I was awakened by a voice that sounded like it is coming from a vacuum or a vessel (like a drum, perhaps), or as if it is speaking on a microphone. There is a shallow reverberation to it. The voice also sounded loud, like, I heard it behind my left shoulder that when it “spoke”, I was awakened and instinctively looked over my left shoulder. The message, by the way, was in a cryptic sentence, not a direct sentence. What she said (translated to English) …” You came from my womb”…or if stated simply, “you’re my child”.

I had the same experience just recently, and I was “discerning” some thoughts in my mind. Then one night, I was also roused from sleep by this voice, again coming from my left shoulder side, saying …” The big (undecipherable) one…” The voice was clearly that of my late sister. The sound was the same – with reverberation and as if coming from inside a vessel. I understood what she was trying to imply, which was a positive message.

These are just a few of the many possible clues to look for to decipher which are dream visits and which are not. The bottom line is not to second guess yourself if you feel you are having visits from your loved ones because your intuition can authenticate these dreams for you.

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