Time to reset: Finding the inner space

This new corona virus lock-down has awakened in us a dormant monster that is a product of globalization; of urbanization, industrialization and consumerism. This monster called “restlessness” takes either the direction of aim or aimlessness. Aim as a process unearths more monster underlings – defeatism, limitations, projections, and so on; while aimlessness is a journey that either leads to nowhere or to an illusory comfort zone where thoughts are king or resolve is non-existent.

To be at-rest is not natural for a living person. He/She has to move, regardless if it’s aimless or with aim. Movement is necessary either physically (work, play) or mentally (daydream, plan). That is why, this lockdown, where movement of the majority of the global population is confined to the smallest space possible, triggers restlessness. Why? Because it impedes action to do, to be.

Going inwards but with aim
During this period where social and economic activities are at a standstill; and personal engagements are halted or restrained, we can resort to going inwards to explore our inner space. Movement in that uncharted territory is not restricted. But going inwards must be done conscientiously and with the purpose of forming action plans, for example. Otherwise it can be detrimental.

Most of the time, and because many of us have not visited that inner space for a long time as we have gotten comfortable with the noise and chaos in our external space, it may have turned dusty, an alienated space , familiar yet scary. Memories – good or bad, or best forgotten – are archived in your inner space. You may find in your inner space the skins you shed; your phobias; your self-mirror, your Pandora’s box and your other best-kept secrets. Exploring the inner space can make or break you; it can be depressing or uplifting, if not done conscientiously.

Second life
We cannot deny that this pandemic is like death to all of us. New ways of doing things are introduced and practiced; and for all we know are going to be the new normal thereafter. A second life means re-doing our lives. If so, would you stay in your old life? Where you comfortable then? Were you abundant then? Were you treated the way you wanted to be treated? If you would be granted a second life, what kind of life would you choose to have? What kind of new person would you choose to be?

This is the time to reassess, to aim. Immerse in the quietness of your inner space to draft your new blueprint. Do not focus on your pre-pandemic life but look to reincarnating into a life that you really want.

Removing the soul’s cobwebs: meditating on Lumen de Lumine
As far as I am concerned, meditation has helped me in grounding myself to be still amid the mental chatter. Meditation need not be complicated, I learned. One just has to have that will to do this. To get into my inner space, I discovered chanting Lumen de Lumine in English while meditating in the morning to take me to my own inner space to ask for clarity of my course of actions:

Light of God
God of God
Light by the way of God
God by the way of Light
Light of Light.

(Latin) Lumen de Lumine; Deum de Deo. Lumen de Lumine; Deum Verum de Deo Vero. Lumen de Lumine.

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