No vision boards: We can manifest by one simple action

What tools or devices have you used yet to “manifest” abundance or your dream? There are quite a few ways like visualisation, affirmation, gratitude, vision boards, journal writing, manifestation sounds – example, the 432 hz frequency or the isochrones; meditation, and the works. Don’t that sound ritualistic?

Not saying that rituals are negative, it is just that not everyone could follow through. Especially since, rituals are repetitive (which, by the way, invokes commitment). In some cases, compliance to rituals could be a challenge unless one has formed a habit performing it or the intention is so intense, the reward (the end) justifies the seemingly tedious means.

I have read not a few times: Why is my manifestation not working? Not a few individuals who have practiced the manifestation techniques often get frustrated and exhausted with doing the “rituals”. After all, they need concentration and therefore, expended energy. The response usually is that … “(you) might be doing it wrong “. It’s as if the rundown of dos and don’ts is not enough!

“You must be overthinking it. You must forget about it. You are resisting it when you overthink it”, goes the advice. Honestly, it gets me confused. It seems like “manifestation” is not for everyone. So many rules, hits and misses. Is the Universe really that unforgiving?

What about people in the marginalised sectors, who do not have access to these kinds of information about manifestation? They too have dreams and will never miss out on any opportunities to have their dreams realised. Vision boards, journaling, creative visualisation, these are recondite rituals for the 16.6% of the 106.6 million Filipino people who are living below the poverty threshold (figure based on the 2018 data by the Statistics Office). Will the Universe turn its back on them?

Is “manifesting” a privilege?
Of course, who does not remember these iconic lines from Sharon Cuneta’s movie, Bukas Luluhod ang mga Tala (1984). “ Pinapangako ko, Inay. Bukas, luluhod ang mga tala! ( Mother, I swear, tomorrow, the stars will kneel (before me).” In that movie, Rebecca (Sharon) rose from poverty to becoming a popular singer; her new status enabled her to exact her revenge against some people (the wealthy antagonists) that wronged her family. One can say that she must have manifested herself to becoming rich and successful.

In reality, things like this happen rarely, if not at all, among people who do not have too many choices in life. The least economically able may not even have the luxury to do daily affirmations or write in journals. They just have to take action the minute they think of something. A girl who says that she wants to be a teacher someday will have to trek kilometres of dirt road on foot, or cross a long, creaking hanging bridge to be able to go to school to finish even her elementary education. She dreams, visualises a better future for herself and her family; but opportunities are not just available to materialise her dreams. She puts them into action too, but it is just not enough.

What I am trying to say is that, it is becoming apparent to me that these so called, “manifestation techniques” only apply to people who have the options available to them to explore all possibilities that can turn their intents into reality.

I remember watching Oprah Winfrey in an interview for her movie, A Wrinkle In Time on YouTube, saying that she is a powerful manifester. Ms Winfrey said that her secret is to “meet the vibration”, meaning, one wants to want it enough – but not too much (as in obsessively thinking about it); and with the vision board to just put it up, “put it there, and just let it go, “she said, advising not to think about it persistently but just to be prepared when it shows up.

The instruction is straightforward, but, minus the vision board, this is the usual thought process of regular manifesters (e.g., society’s non A-listers, the minimum wage earners, the stay at home mothers, the retired elderlies, etc), so to speak. Only, their options may be limited to do anything else that could lead to them manifesting their dream job, dream car, dream house, lots of money, and so on, such as better education or access to higher learning; spare cash to start up a business; or even a society or a government that gives them equal opportunities. Some can only rely on miracles or luck or other people’s compassion,  and one cannot even accuse them of being “unrealistic” or defeatist or fatalists or worse – parasitic. It’s the reality of their circumstances that make them to either think of their desires intently and persistently; or forget about them as the daily grind takes away their mind off their reveries.

Setting intents into action, one small step at a time
To manifest, as in my experience, is to simply set the plan into action, and this can work across social demographics. One that does not have money to start a business but wants to start a business cannot just assemble a vision board showing a cutout of a restaurant or a food franchise but to make even the slightest step related to that plan.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.千里之行,始於足下。” – Laozi, Tao Te Ching

For example, I want a restaurant but do not have money. I can set my plan into motion by either saving up a peso (or a dollar) each day until I come up with a modest amount to make a batch of the recipe and sell it to neighbours, and start from there.

I read this article about a mother, who did not have money to buy lunch for her family. But she had Php10 (about US$0.20), which she took to the market to buy a plastic bag of scrapped vegetables, which she resold for Php20 outside the market. Then she bought two more bags, and from which she profited Php30, enough to buy a kilogram of white rice.

Another example is if one wants to secure a job overseas, but does not have the means or connections. One has to make a step, however improbable, just to set things in motion, like send out applications or CVs to foreign employers; write to the labour department to inquire of openings, cold call recruitment agencies; respond to job ads – anything that can set your plan into motion.

Working on your intents, after all has to follow the WORK formula of FORCE x DISTANCE. FORCE is giving your plan a push; and DISTANCE does not necessarily mean leapfrogging a mile but just to make it move an inch is already putting in work to your intents.

Then give the “reins” to the Universe, allow it to do what it has to do. Importantly is to TRUST in your and the Universe’s capability to make things happen.

As a Catholic, I invoke the Angels (not the Universe) to aid me in this creation process. I also say a prayer of gratitude for them for helping me.

What we create, we manifest – they happen when we need them and because we need them. Nature’s law of supply and demand kicks in when we ask what we are meant to receive for our highest purpose.

We are co-creators of the Universe and we just need to set our intents in motion even without the vision boards or paraphernalia that are mostly only accessible by the privileged. And yes – do not mind the naysayers. Just do it.

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