Cute Facts About You According to Your Birthday (Ft. TEMPEST 템페스트)

So, you’re a fan of Tempest (TPST)!

This newish 7-member South Korean idol group has already won millions of hearts since their debut in early March 2022.  Would it not be fun if you share the same birthday with your bias? Here are some fascinating trivia about their birthdays…and if you were born on the same day and month as they were, you must be a match! <3

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Hanbin of Tempest

Hanbin  (한빈)

Sun sign: Capricorn

b. 19 January 1998

If you were born on 19 January

You can be persistent in your pursuit of someone you like. You don’t want to spend too much time apart from your loved one in the early stages of a relationship. Frequent messaging, phone calls, or video calls are expected. You enjoy falling madly, deeply, and impulsively in love. You know how to gamble with love, which excites you. You enjoy taking chances! When the novelty of the relationship wears off, you revert back your focus to work and career, your main priorities. It’s not unthinkable that your loved one will compete for your time and attention with your work and career.


Eunchan of Tempest

Eunchan (은찬)

Sun sign: Pisces

b. 27 February 2001

If you were born on 27 February …

You love to love and, like an incurable hopeless romantic, you believe that love is essential and that without it, you feel empty and incomplete. You exude mystery and sexiness, causing admirers to swoon when they see you. When you’re in love, you usually give your all. Even if your loved one has fallen short of your expectations, you rarely find fault with them. This attitude predisposes you to the abuses and lies of unsuitable partners. You can be a martyr in love. You are an old-fashioned romantic who is drawn to those who can write, say, and sing love poems and songs. You are ecstatic when they express romantic affection or present you with flowers. A candle-lit dinner or bath can help to define romantic time spent together.


Lew of Tempest

Lew (루)

Sun sign: Aries

b. 5 April 2001

If you were born on April 5 …

Open or long-distance relationships may not be to your liking. In relationships, you value commitment and stability. You can also brood if your relationship is in trouble and about to end. A whirlwind romance is also possible. When you are certain that you have found the one, you can be loyal and are more likely to settle down. You are sensual, romantic, and daring. You pursue your desires and will not keep your loved one in the dark about your true feelings for them.


Hyuk of Tempest

Hyuk (혁)

Sun sign: Aries

b. 17 April 2000

If you were born on April 17 …

When it comes to love, you are cautious, and you may be slow to approach someone who interests you not because you are shy, but because you do not like rejection. But. You dislike aggressive people and those who readily yield to your advances because you prefer to make the first move! You enjoy a little bit of chasing, and once someone catches your attention, you can be unrelenting in wooing the person. You will go to any length to maintain the relationship. A vacation on a secluded island or anywhere that allows you to spend quality time alone with your loved one is the ultimate dream getaway.


Hwarang of Tempest

Hwarang (화랑)

Sun sign: Taurus

b. 23 April 2001

If you were born on April 23 …

You have a cool exterior that keeps people guessing about what makes you tick. At the same time, you easily make friends and have a lively, sociable personality. While you value commitment in love, you also value your independence. If your loved one notices you avoiding intimacy or spending more time together, it is because you are concerned about losing your freedom.


Taerae of Tempest

Taerae (태래)

Sun sign: Taurus

b. 9 May 2002

If you were born on May 9 …

You are a genuine and warm social person with a big heart, and a friendly, easy-going manner. Keep in mind that people can abuse your generosity. As a partner, you are tender, generous, and expressive. You are also the type who courts or likes traditional courtship. It’s also possible that you don’t believe in prenuptial agreements. You are likely to have joint bank accounts because you like to share your resources with your partner. You can be possessive, expecting the other person to be devoted to you. You must enjoy scented baths or fine foods and wine with your loved one.


Hyeongseop of Tempest

Hyeongseop (형섭)

Sun sign: Leo

b. 9 August 1999

If you were born on August 9 …

You are upbeat, warm, loving, and giving. You consider love to be an essential component of happiness. You easily attract people, and you can also be very romantic, hoping to find the perfect person to fall in love with. You’re looking for your soulmate. You can be faithful to your partner once you’ve found them. You are drawn to sensuality and visual appeal. You enjoy action but are sensitive and temperamental. You don’t mind a little drama now and then. You are simply delighted to assist others.



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