November 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

The month of November is the eleventh in the Gregorian calendar but the ninth in the Roman calendar.

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It gets its name from the Latin word Novem, which means “nine” (9). Nine is a divine number that marks the completion of a cycle. The number 9 is avoided in East Asian culture, particularly in Japan and China. In Japanese, the number nine is pronounced ku, which is also attributed to pain. Although the number nine is associated with longevity, the Chinese believe that celebrating birthdays ending in the number nine, such as 9, 49, 79, and so on, may result in misfortune. November, on the other hand, is a joyous month worthy of celebration because it comes before the Christmas month of December.

For this month’s reading, I used the Rider’s Waite to pick a card for each zodiac sign to see what the month holds. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R)


The Magician tarot

ARIES (21 March-20 April) – The Magician

Starting over

You may have the impression that some things are not going as planned. Blaming others for your “failures” will not help you move forward. Flexing your power also entails accepting responsibility for your role in these failures. The card indicates that you can always start over or rebuild from the ground up. You have everything you need to make a successful comeback. For some Aries, I sense that someone is making false statements and believes they can get away with it for some Aries. No lie can be kept hidden indefinitely. On the bright side, Aries, you will be inspired to know exactly what to do about your situation. Your plans will be supported by November. Another piece of advice from the card is to avoid reconnecting with people from your past who have depleted your resources and energy.


Knight of swords

TAURUS (21 April-20 May) – Knight of Swords (R)

Deliberate actions

You should not rush into anything and should carefully assess the situation or person you are interested in or dealing with. It is best not to make a big reveal too soon: reveal only a small portion of your plans or yourself, as over-disclosure may not be advantageous at this time. Someone, on the other hand, is out to make an impression on you or to persuade you that they have the formula for success in business or in a romantic relationship. You may believe that you are passing up an opportunity to prove your worth in November. This feeling of inadequacy is only temporary.


The Hanged Man

GEMINI (21 May-20 June) – The Hanged Man

Try and try

Failures should not hold you back. You must remain focused on your desired prize. This month’s challenge is to trust timing and gain momentum after each failed advance. When things don’t go as planned, retreat and recover before charging again. You may believe that you are a bad strategist or that your plans are flawed. According to the card, overanalysing is a bad strategy because it wastes time and is counterproductive. You may also benefit from “publicising” yourself so that the right partners and opportunities can find you.


Four of Pentacles

CANCER (21 June-22 July) – 4 of Pentacles (R)

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

Not only for your finances, but also for your love or hopes. When it comes to money, you have the potential to grow your finances and live comfortably or have more purchasing power. Avoid spending on items with exorbitant prices. If you are buying a property, consider purchasing a home in areas where demand is low or where prices are lower. Foreclosed or pre-sale properties may be good options, but I anticipate disappointment. Do not devote all of your love to a single person. Continue your exploration. Even if you do explore, I have the impression that you are saving your heart for a specific person. Perhaps there is hope that they will return. The card indicates that it is unlikely that an ex-lover will return. The card suggests that if all you want is for someone to notice you, they will eventually do so.


2 of Cups

LEO (23 July-22 August) – 2 of Cups (R)

You’re closer than you think.

What you’re aiming for is achievable. You will soon see a new version of yourself—one that is more developed or better than the one you have always imagined. You’re getting close to the finish line of success. In addition, the card indicates that an exchange of apologies is required or will occur. Pouring one’s heart out may save a relationship, but one or both parties must take action in the same direction. In this situation, where anger, hatred, and pride will transform into love or other positive emotions, forgiveness is unavoidable. I have a feeling, Leo, that you are having the same exact thoughts as the person in your mind to whom this situation applies. Similarly, for Leos in a relationship, the card depicts a commitment being formed, as well as marriage or union.


8 if wands Tarot

VIRGO (23 August-22 September) – 8 of Wands

When it rains, it pours

You will undoubtedly receive a windfall. The card advises you to continue on because you have already unlocked the key to your abundance and growth. Concentrate on what matters and avoid battles that aren’t yours to fight. This is also a good time to take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to you or to use your creative abilities, which are in full bloom. A few people may be interested in you or shooting love arrows in your direction. But someone is rushing in, determined to win you over at any cost.



The Hermit tarot

LIBRA (23 September-22 October) – The Hermit (R)

What you see is what you get

There’s no need to look for hints or a hidden agenda. If someone is playing hide and seek with you or appears to be ignoring you, don’t overthink it and just let the situation play out. There is also a truth that should be kept private or hidden from others. Some Librans are also establishing boundaries with regard to the past, which has caused them pain or fear. However, it is how you dealt with or perceived the previous situation or experience that has burned you. You could face an unhappy, fearful, or exhausted future if this is not addressed. Make room for love and new experiences this month. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to situations in which you have no prior experience.


Lovers waite rider

SCORPIO (23 October-22 November) – The Lovers (R)

You make a perfect team but….

It is clear that you and another person have a lot in common, and your relationship has the potential to soar to new heights. But one has other plans, which will be revealed in the next two weeks or so. Differences can emerge, such as one being more materially ambitious than the other or one being more passionate and creative than the other. These are all part of a developing relationship. Alternatively, the card indicates that your relationship has matured from obsessive, co-dependent, or vicious to one that has demonstrated how embracing your individuality can strengthen the foundation of a relationship. Thus, if disagreements arise, and for some, cooling off or separating is unavoidable, do not resist.


Queen of Wands Tarot

SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December) – Queen of Wands

You’re nobody’s fool

You don’t have to know everything, but you shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to information that could affect you. Someone does not fully trust you or your judgment, which is why they are not keeping you informed. The card suggests that while your intuition may be correct, you should avoid other people’s drama or issues. Other Sagittarians are getting used to being alone or not having anyone who cares about them. The card indicates that you have the potential to become an asset, such as your family’s breadwinner or a top-notch salesperson. Someone is happy for you, and they are talking about you positively.


Page of Wands - Tarot Card

CAPRICORN (22 December-19 January) – Page of Wands (R)

What to do with this attention?

Suddenly, you’re thrust into the spotlight, with all eyes on you. You’re elated, but you’re not sure what to do with it, given the pressure to live up to the expectations placed on you. While you are capable, it is also because of your charm that people regard you highly. November is a good month for other Capricorns because it brings more opportunities for growth. It is also possible that some Capricorns will be foisted into positions or will play a role in a decision-making body. Some Capricorns may also be nominated, awarded, or cited.


10 of Wands Tarot

AQUARIUS (20 January-19 February) – 10 of Wands

In a rush

It’s time to keep going, Aquarius. You must have some plans in place by the end of the year. Although November may be a slow month for many signs, it can also be used to plant seeds, perfect a plan, or even relocate. For some Aquarians, the card represents celebrating your ancestors or paying homage to your roots. It could be relocating to your hometown or taking part in a celebratory ritual such as a reunion. I interpret this card as returning with fewer than expected resources or, if taking an exam, a result that falls short of expectations. Regardless, it is still a victory.


The Fool-Tarot

PISCES (20 February-20 March) – The Fool

You’re all they want

You are attractive this month, and someone is constantly thinking about you. You are revered as a hero. Other Pisceans are also being creative. You can truly turn a bad situation into a good one, and an unlucky situation into a fortunate one. Your secret is your optimism and faith. You must have mastered the art of manifestation so that what you imagine in your mind becomes a reality. People will look up to you and be inspired by your calm approach to chaos. Unfortunately, some Pisceans may use their charisma to manipulate others into believing that Pisces can solve their problems. If you are this type of Pisces, the card warns you that the consequences of your actions will soon befall you.

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