What my dead soulmate friend taught me about soul ties

Today, I felt the urge to write about a dear friend, a soulmate, who died in January of this year, 2022. His death surprised me, but it did not depress me because I know he is still “around”.

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Hector Fernandez or Heck attended the Divine Wisdom School, which he said, “helps with propagating the Tara Center’s advocacy on the emergence of the Christ in the United States.”

Hector Fernandez

He is also a filmmaker, entrepreneur, screenwriter, and playwright. Budhi (Conscience), a finalist at the Festival de Cinema de Paris, Alamat ng Pinya (The Legend of the Pineapple), Legend of Banana, Legend of the Maria Cristina Twin Falls, Sentimiento de Soltero (Sentiment of a Bachelor), and Age of Responsibility are among his short films. He also made a music video titled “Someone made me smile today.” He was also a finalist in the 2014 First Genre Script Writing Competition. of the Film development Council of the Philippines.

Tanah Amanillah by Hector Fernandez

Heck authored four books – The Fourth Magus and Dreams of Future Actuality, which is about recurring dreams that come true ; Kumbaga sa Sibuyas (Just like an Onion), the Biography and Teachings of Juanito Crisostomo (who, Heck said was among his spiritual mentors); and Tanah Amanillah (Under the Protection of God).

We met two years before his passing at a coffee shop in Timog, Quezon City, where he was staying during his film directing workshop. He gave me his book, Anillah Manila, which he intended to make into a film. Then, almost exactly a year before his departing, and months after we finished a scriptwriting masterclass at the University of the Philippines Film Institute, he emailed me his manuscript to review and comment on.

In 1999, I met Hector at a scriptwriting program coached by well-known Philippine scriptwriter Ricky Lee. While he was the first to “recognize” me, our relationship had grown stronger since then. We had opposite personalities despite being soulmates: he was a people person who knew everyone and would jet set or travel on a whim, whereas I was more of a stoic type. Our differences irritated me at times because I took offense to some of his characteristics. His Sagittarian candor would annoy me. However, we shared a love of the arts, spirituality, and filmmaking.

Our soulmate connection has taught me a lot about soul ties that no book has ever explored.

Long absences or a lack of verbal communication did not break our bond because we always found ways to find each other or stay in touch despite changes in phone numbers or addresses. We somehow communicated telepathically when he moved to the United States and I didn’t hear from him for years, in that I would get the urge to search for his whereabouts online to connect with him at the same time he was looking for me. He, too, would be able to contact me through old communication channels.

The passage of time was irrelevant. We grew older in age and appearance, but our friendship made us wiser.

Finding one’s soulmate does not imply being romantically involved with them. BUT I can describe my relationship with Hector as more than just a karmic friendship. First, there is the attraction that is not sexual in nature (we were not each other’s type), but one simply feels comfortable being physically close to or “touchy” with one another (sans the carnal malice). It is also natural for the two of you to discuss topics that might seem taboo if you discussed them with another person or a karmic friend.

There’s a psychic connection. True, you would naturally finish each other’s sentences or feel where the lines or boundaries are and be respectful of them without being told by the other. Without being psychically intrusive, you will simply know and feel what your soulmate is thinking or feeling.

There was simply respect of one another’s individuality. We never questioned why we chose to live our lives the way we did. It was because what was important to us was the core of our being – I saw his wholeness without analysing him into parts, and he was the same to me.

We were always willing to disagree. We also agree then disagree or disagree a lot of the time, even without saying a word. We accepted the natural progression of our friendship and continued to watch out for one another.

Nothing, not even their passing into the afterlife, can break your deep connection…

This article is insufficient to honor him and remember our friendship. But I am acknowledging his messages assuring me that he is not gone but has simply evolved in spirit. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best in finding your soulmates and spiritually growing with them in this lifetime.


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