Truths during the Mercury retrograde

Yesterday a construction crane crashed down on a power pole that is supplying electricity in our area. Good thing, no one was hurt and power has been normalized after less than 10 hours. I attribute it to Mercury retrograde. Mercury is in retrograde when it moves in an opposite direction to the Earth. Communication is said to be affected when mercury retrogrades – a phenomenon that happens three to four times a year. Delayed messages, blue screen computers, altercations, negotiations not pushing through, relationships going haywire, and all other events hinging on communication that go topsy-turvy during the retrograde season.

Because I read tarot, I associate the Tower card sometimes with Mercury retrograde. And this card came up twice when I did a reading on myself.

While Mercury retrograde is murky, dark, chaotic, it has its positive side. It is also a period of reflection, of reconciling differences, of re-strategizing, and of learning lessons from previous mistakes.

Positive self-talk
During the retrograde, when things that matter seem to pace down, we can take the time to go inwards. Admittedly, when I heard this advice, I thought its the most boring thing to do…to go inwards and into one’s head. But then again, at times like this, its the Universe’s way of forcing you to reflect.

Communication lapses do not only pertain to external communication but also communicating with one’s self. If we are concerned about how we talk to others and make ourselves clear, the more we ought to be concerned with how we talk to ourselves: Are we optimistic or pessimistic self-talker? Do we regard ourselves with respect by telling ourselves that we deserve the best this life can offer; that we deserve respect not only from others but from ourselves as well; Are we self-sabotaging our image by saying repeatedly in our head that we are inadequate, ugly, lonely, stupid, bitter, poor, weak, etc? Are we our own ally or enemy?

A most challenging skill is to be an effective self-communicator and self-listener. Telling ourselves all the things that we hope we are and can be lead to positive changes. When one says they are poor, then they are poor; or weak, then they are weak. To convince oneself that you are otherwise, helps other people nurture that view about you.

Your benchmark of beauty, success, happiness, or wholeness can impact how you view yourself. Many times, our yardstick is influenced by how we see others – as successful as Jack Ma; as intelligent as Steve Jobs; as beautiful as Deepika Padukone, as happily coupled as Denis O’Hare and Hugo Redwood. Although finding inspiration from the happiness of others help in the motivation process, our cup will never be full when we start to compare. Establishing our own happiness meter starts by accepting what we are made of and loving ourselves warts and all. Others won’t be able to judge you if you follow your own set of standards.

What do you REALLY want?
Upon reaching a milestone, we always ask ourselves, “what do (I) really want?”. Crossroads…you also chance upon them during retrograde. If you are caught unaware, as I always was, you’d probably feel like hitting on a brick wall, asking where all the things you do are leading to?

It’s time to reflect, says the retrograding Mercury. Are you in the right job? Are you in the right relationship? Is she/he the “one”? Do I need to buy this gadget? Is this location suitable for our family? When in doubt, it usually means “no”. Well, not always but usually it does, as in my experience. Doubt shakes you out of your comfort zone and gives you the privilege to re-think and re-consider.

When I asked the complex manager how the power situation in the area was, and kept on asking her until she came up with a satisfactory answer (even though she looked annoyed), I came to realize that that was what I really wanted to do. I missed interviewing people (which I used to do in my previous jobs). This, then, made me devise a plan that I feel would make me “happy”.

In every adversity, there is an opportunity. Don’t miss that opportunity by focusing on the adversity alone. Strive to have an open mind, and to consider delays, doubts, and altered plans are “peculiar” ways that can lead you to where you need and are happy to be.

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