“Bizarre” inventions unimaginable in the 80s

Those were the days when simple living was bliss; when children were children and adults acted like adults. No complicated social movements, no long queues in metro rails, and the cost of living was acceptable.

That was in the 70s to 80s. Except for the lioness manes and the thin arched brows of the Charlie’s Angels, I could not think of any other trends that were inconceivably odd.

Today, I have taken note of some of the things that are being used and practiced, which, honestly speaking, I find rather eccentric or funny, whichever reaction comes first.

harness photo from Amazon websiteWalking harness for toddlers
We used to train our small children to walk with an “andador”, a walker made out of bamboo and rattan. Andador photo from Lazada website

When out shopping or strolling, we would “restrain” our toddlers with….well actually, we did not restrain them with the use of any contraptions: It’s either we hold their both arms up or we carry them as we walkabout. I just could not get it why children are now made to wear the strappy device that is not so different from pet leashes. Nonetheless, many parents swear by its convenience or the sense of security it brings.

strollerStroller for dogs
One time, I met with a group of new acquaintances and one of them was pushing a stroller. When I peeked inside, there was no baby but a puppy. I know that some people consider their pet dogs their babies, but I just feel, repurposing the baby stroller, while practical, is quite ….an overkill. It’s still a good thing that I have not come across a family with their pet in the stroller while their child in tow is in harness.

dog shirtDog shirts
Why would anyone, especially in humid countries like the Philippines, dress up their furry pets as if they are toys? Some contend that the clothing can protect the pets from harsh weather conditions especially when their owners take them out for walks. Dogs, before they were domesticated, thousands of years ago, have existed and adapted in their environments in their furs and skins. Current pet owners say that breeds with short furs benefit from the garments. I hope these animals could talk to tell their owners if being fitted with clothes is something they are really comfortable with.

potty picture from Amazon websitePotty with iPad
In restaurants, I see parents allowing their small children to be glued on the iPad while eating. There are also baby strollers fitted with iPads, probably to keep the baby “busy”. So why not fit in the device with the potty? I seriously do not know. Potty training, it seems to me is now viewed as something of a “me” time for babies to get its dose of technological distractions; or to make it less of a chore for everyone. Before, potty training was a serious business for parents or carers and was considered a milestone for child development. How things have changed.

water bottleBottled water
Back then, tap water was drinkable…you just needed to boil them for babies to avoid waterborne illnesses. Today, even if you boil water multiple times, you won’t escape the risk of contracting dysentery and other bacterial illnesses. According to Water.org, 7 million Filipinos lack access to safe and sustainable water access. For this reason, bottled mineral water is convenient. However, it is also making large companies sell something to people that should have been free. Think of how much regular purchase of bottled water costs against the budget. In our household, we spend about Php300/month or 10-five gallon containers per month at Php 30 per container. Making them available removes a major task from Government agencies to provide clean, potable drinking water for the people, not to mention that with lack of awareness on the proper disposal of plastic bottles (for recycling), these discarded containers are likely to end up in landfills and contribute to non-recycled wastes.

More to come… for sure!

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