Prayer to Regain Inner Balance, Control

I recently dealt with people who tried to defraud me out of money- real estate agents, lessors, telecoms agents, an online shop platform, a transport rental operator…all within two months.

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During that time, I lost my balance, which affected my decision-making. Indeed, some people wish to profit from the energy and resources of others.

This prayer I wrote has protected me from those swindlers. Because I was anxious and losing sleep, the prayer helped to calm me down. Then things began to return to normal for me.

I’d like to share with you this prayer, which I keep on my phone so that whenever I feel threatened, I can quickly pull out my phone and read it.

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This is a powerful personal prayer to say when you feel like you’re losing control of situations that are threatening your stability, making you feel dysfunctional and defenseless, and people are constantly coming at you and causing you problems.

God is my Salvation. I will trust and I will not be afraid. God my Father and the Merciful, Almighty God, I abandon myself to You. Jesus, God the Son, you are my Savior and my heart’s Refuge.

“Jesus, take over. “ (Fr Dolindo Ruotolo)

“Be pleased O Lord to deliver me. Oh Lord, make haste to help me.” (Psalm 70:1)

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