September 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

September, the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar, was the seventh month of the ancient Roman calendar.

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The month’s name is derived from the Latin word septem, which means “seven.” Thus, it carries the mystical vibrations of seven, representing the “seed of life,” the six days of divine creation, and a Sabbath day.

For this month’s reading, I used the Rider’s Waite to pick a card for each zodiac sign to see what the month holds. Please note that reversed cards are indicated with an (R).


ARIES (21 March-20 April) – 2 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles Tarot

September will be a busy month. You are not only juggling responsibilities and priorities, but you are also being pulled in multiple directions. You don’t want to let anyone down, but this has already taken your focus away from your most important priority – yourself. While “me” time may be on the back burner for the time being, try to break the cycle of not prioritizing yourself – your needs, your personal plans – this September.  In other words, you will be sacrificing your own time, energy, and peace of mind if you continue this unhealthy cycle of trying to please everyone around you or making situations work for everyone.

I also feel that time seems to fly by for some Aries who are unable to make up their minds about something – such as getting married, having children, starting a business, or traveling. September will present you with opportunities to make a final decision. Another thing the card says is that September is the month to keep an eye on your resources. Make smart choices and live within your means.


Judgement -Tarot card

TAURUS (21 April-20 May) – Judgement (R)

The card is indicating that it is time for a change. The theme for you this month is active participation in your life goals. This means that procrastinating for another minute will not help your cause.

Other Taureans, September brings good news of growth and replenishment. If you notice a dwindling of resources or a business failing in August, you will feel rejuvenated in September as you see that you are gradually regaining what (you thought) you had lost. The card also hints that someone will try to “ignite” your feelings for other Taureans in a romantic situation.


7 of Wands Tarot

GEMINI (21 May-20 June) – 7 of Wands

Your September aspect is determination. You will be preoccupied with not making mistakes or wanting everything to be perfect. The main drawback is frustration if things do not go as planned or if you are not compensated for the amount or quality of your input. For skeptics around you, your tenacity comes across as trying too hard and misunderstood.

The card also represents the weight of your efforts and dedication to completing tasks. You must understand that you must complete one task before beginning another; or before committing to another task, such as in a relationship, you must end the current relationship (which feels too demanding or puts too much pressure on you) before initiating another.


4 of cups Tarot

CANCER (21 June-22 July) – 4 of Cups

The card advises you to pay attention to your thoughts, intuition, opinions, and feedback from others. It also informs you of any communications that you must receive.  Also, you may receive messages from higher beings or spirits in your dreams or while meditating this September. The subconscious will pass on breakthrough information to you, especially if you are doing something creative. In other words, you will get a boost of  spiritual guidance.

Some Cancerians will be looking inward to see where they are in life now and what they have accomplished over the years. If this inward thinking causes you to be regretful or disappointed about missed opportunities or the feeling that you have not done enough, remember that the Universe works through you and that you are meant to leave a legacy to the next generation. 

The card also conveys the message, “Not all opportunities are created equal.” The best way to choose one is to listen to your intuition. You must quiet your mind in order to hear what it is saying clearly.


Queen of Pentacles Tarot

LEO (23 July-22 August) – Queen of Pentacles

This September may bring news of a pregnancy or the completion of a project. I sense an inheritance or a provenance for some Leos that you will be tasked with protecting. There is a sense that something is being kept hidden from the public eye.

The card also encourages Leos who may be feeling depressed or isolated this September to rekindle their passions, socialize, and believe in their own worth.

A grandmother or an old woman/female ancestor is significant for some Leos. You may not recognize this person, but they have a photograph or information in your family album or a document.


10 of Wands Tarot

VIRGO (23 August-22 September) – 10 of Wands

You’re getting closer to your goal, Virgo! Simply maintain your current pace and move at a steady pace. Work on your aspirations quietly and, most importantly, don’t get distracted! Finally, your output will be consistent, and rewards will be forthcoming.

I see that stability is within arm’s reach! I envision you transitioning to another field of expertise, company, or even residence where your years of solid experience and knowledge will be useful.

I will be doing a Virgo only reading to celebrate your birthsign!


2 of Wands Tarot

LIBRA (23 September-22 October) – 2 of Wands

In September, you will discover a new sense of purpose. This will lead you to your long-term goals. However, you must also leave behind familiar habits or beliefs – for some, this may imply relocating to another location in order to fulfill your purpose.

I also believe that some Libras will become more self-sufficient. I feel both excitement and anticipation for you as I look at this card because your radar is on full blast – you will be guided to your destiny. Simply be open to this possibility and don’t fight it out of sentimentality or fear of change.


9 of pentacles Tarot

SCORPIO (23 October-22 November) – 9 of Pentacles

Scorpio, your heart will be singing! What might the wind in September bring to you? Is there love? Is it money? Is it balance? perhaps all of these? Yes! For many Scorpions, September is “spring” because they are quick to spot opportunities and seize them. They are, I must say, raptors of fate.

This sense of fulfillment and joy can also be seen in other areas of a Scorpio’s life, such as when they get a job promotion or some other type of recognition at work, make new friends, do well on exams and receive high marks, move to a friendly new neighborhood, or reap a bountiful harvest.


8 of Pentacles Tarot

SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December) – 8 of Pentacles

Your readiness to “experiment” will pay off, Sagittarius.. While at it, be willing also to learn new skills that will enable you to accomplish more (or upgrade your equipment to enable you to double your output). Remember not to settle for mediocrity in September ( or accept anything less that is due you).

Rework your previous plans to align them with long-term goals as you continue to work diligently towards a specific goal. If this applies to a project, you may need to reengineer it to meet current trends and demands. If you’re worried about your cash flow, the card depicts a comfortable cash flow – money coming in as a result of hard work.


page of pentacles Tarot

CAPRICORN (22 December-19 January) – Page of Pentacles

It is never easy to let go of something (or someone), especially if that something was once important to you. Nonetheless, because you have clearly outgrown it, listen to your intuition and let it go.

For other Capricorns, I must say that “manipulating” something/a situation for self-serving reasons is never a good idea. If it’s a person, let them go if you don’t think they’re your match so they can shine somewhere else. If, on the other hand, you are the one being manipulated, it is time to leave what dims your light.


The Chariot Tarot

AQUARIUS (20 January-19 February) – The Chariot (R)

Your September theme is independence, liberation, and steady but strategic progress. You have weighed the pros and cons of whatever situation you are facing. While you are still keeping your distance as September approaches in order to see the situation objectively before you enter it.

Meanwhile, for some, this means freeing up concepts or ideas. In any case, the card suggests a successful outcome based on your approach and intent. Proposals are being considered in a career setting, and there may be an evaluation for retention or promotion.


The Star Tarot

PISCES (20 February-20 March) – The Star (R)

In September, you may have to perform an emotional balancing act. You will try to warm up to someone or an idea again with caution. This month, your goal is to gain clarity so that you can stay on top of your emotions by being more rational and level-headed.

If this is a romantic situation, the card suggests that you clarify the true score – someone may wish to be in a relationship with you or ask to marry you – or this is what you are considering – before you invest fully emotionally. The card advices you to ensure that there is a healthy amount of give and take.


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