Romantic Traits According to Your Birthday (Ft. ENHYPEN 엔하이픈)

Check this out if you’re curious about what your bias’s birth date and month reveal about their personalities and dating style or if you want to see if you’re a match!

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ENHYPEN is a new and popular K-pop group comprised of seven young members: Jungwon, Jay, Sunoo, Heeseung, Jake, Sunghoon, and Ni-Ki. Enhypen, which translates to “connection, discovery, and growth,” made their debut in November 2020 with a debut EP titled Border: Day One.


Jungwon  정원  9 February (2004)

Jungwon Enhyphen

If you were born on 9 February….Here’s a secret: You may appear uninterested, but deep down, you long to be near your loved one. It’s because you want emotional connection but are afraid to be vulnerable. You are a caring and sensitive individual. In love, you alternate between wanting to be free and wanting to be close. You are very picky about your partners and usually have an ideal person in mind. When your partner falls short of your expectations, you may be disappointed. You may be quick to move on after a breakup.


Jay  제이 20 April (2002)

Jay Enhyphen

If you were born on 20 April….You are romantic, but you are not the type to let your heart rule your head. Because you want an intimate relationship and reassurance, the person you want to fall in love with must be committed to you. You are not fond of mind games or broken promises. You can be possessive and demanding while remaining dependable. You expect fidelity from your partner because you are truly devoted yourself. To make you feel special, a typical romantic scene will include wines, music, chocolates, fruits, kisses, and cuddling. While you can pursue someone with fervor, you would prefer to be pursued or seduced.


Sunoo  선우 24 June (2003)

Sunoo Enhyphen

If you were born on 24 June….You feel incomplete without a loving partner with whom you can share your life. However, you do not want to commit to just anyone because you will be setting a high standard for whoever you will be connecting with. You are willing to wait until you are certain that both of your feelings are mutual. You believe it is better to guard your feelings from unnecessary hurt. Dreaming of a blissful and harmonious life with your partner, you will go to any length to please them, even putting their needs ahead of your own. However, if this “ideal union” doesn’t work out, you might think your partner wasn’t trying hard enough to make things work out the way you wanted. When going on a date, you will almost certainly dress up and take your date to a fine restaurant where you will listen to soft music, exchange jokes, and have intimate conversations.


Heeseung  희승 15 October (2001)

Heeseung Enhyphen

If you were born on 15 October….You are passionate and playful, so it’s no surprise that you attract a lot of romantic interests wherever you go. You enjoy flattering others as much as you appreciate being flattered. Your ears turn pink when you receive compliments! You are a loyal and caring partner, but…you have a tendency to scatter your attention, which can lead to disagreements or jealousy from your partner.  Your appeal is undeniable, and many people are drawn to you. You are aware that you can use that charm to obtain what you desire. You, on the other hand, are not aggressive. You are refined and well-mannered. When dating, fragrances, whispers of love, soft touch, and gentle kisses turn you on.


Jake  제이크 15 November (2002)

Jake Enhyphen

If you were born on 15 November….You are charming, sociable, and outgoing. You enjoy companionship and believe that having a partner makes life more beautiful. Nonetheless, you want to be in control and not be smothered by a premature commitment. That is why, when committing to a relationship, you take your time. In relationships, you can be an idealist, overly romantic and sentimental. You appear to fall in love with the romanticized version of the person rather than the real person. When misunderstandings occur, you would rather remain silent and not express your feelings. When this happens, your partner must respect your privacy and refrain from nagging you. You enjoy romantic settings with flowers, soft lighting, and music, as well as a little mystery and seduction.


Sunghoon  성훈 8 December (2002)

Sunghoon Enhyphen

If you were born on 8 December…..You are a loving person who will give their partner everything. You are not the kind of person to stray or flirt with others. You are more likely to commit to and maintain a monogamous relationship. In a relationship, you want both emotional and intellectual chemistry; you also want a balance of freedom and stability. You avoid clinginess and co-dependency because they can overwhelm you and make you feel trapped. You are typically shy when it comes to expressing your emotions, so your ideal match is someone who is more daring and spontaneous. When a flirtatious glance is cast your way, you get weak in the knees!


 Ni-Ki 니키 9 December (2005)

Niki Enhyphen

If you were born on 9 December….You are aware of other people’s needs and are always willing to assist. You are an intuitive, imaginative, sentimental, and romantic partner. You are so deeply committed to your loved one that you are willing to give up everything for them. Above all, you desire a meaningful emotional bond in your life. However, you are prone to falling in love with the idealized image of your partner, and when they do not live up to your expectations, you can be devastated. Thus, breakups can make you feel down. Heartfelt words and gentle touches are keys to your heart.

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