Surprising Traits According to Your Birthday (Ft. SB19)

Check this out if you’re curious about what your bias’s birth date and month reveal about their personalities or if you want to know if you’re a match!

SB19, a five-member Filipino boy band, made their debut in 2018. The group was formed by a local subsidiary of South Korea’s ShowBT Group. Meanwhile, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts has appointed SB19, a Billboard top charter, as a Youth and Sentro Rizal ambassador.


Ken SB19

Ken – January 12

People born on January 12 are generally ambiverts, intelligent, and self-sufficient. They, on the other hand, have a tendency to be critical and outspoken, and can challenge anyone to a debate while voicing their opinions. They enjoy drawing attention to themselves and entertaining the crowd. They may occasionally play pranks that annoy or hurt the feelings of others. They are ambitious, hardworking, and astute at work. They always finish tasks and pursue their interests with zeal. However, their personality can be volatile. They are high-spirited and full of fun one moment, then quiet and introspective the next.  They are sociable, charming, and playful when they are in love. They are looking for someone who will allow them to be free of all constraints. They also expect loyalty and dedication. When arguing, they respond from the mind rather than the heart, which may disappoint emotional partners. However, this is due to their desire to get to the bottom of the problem rather than deal with the drama. Touch and whispers of love turn them on.


Stell SB19

Stell – June 16

Those born on June 16 are an amusing contradiction: they are adventurous but cautious, carefree but calculating. They are imaginative, inventive, creative, and astute. They are willing to compromise and not lose sight of the fact that they are likely to succeed if they are willing to take short-term risks. They are introverted and not materialistic. They can be content with reliable friends and harmonious relationships. They value natural beauty such as arts, nature, and genuine smiles. They are helpful and motivated by a genuine concern for others, particularly victims of abuse or injustice. People who are abusive, cynical, and inconsiderate will not be tolerated. When they are in love, they can be “romantic,” poetic, sensitive, and receptive. However, one of their deepest desires is to be emotionally involved in a close relationship. They can be secretive, discrete, and moody, and if they do not readily open up or disclose personal matters, it is because the comfortable trusting level has not yet been reached. They enjoy being lavished with attention and affection.


Justin SB19

Justin – July 7

Those born on July 7 have a fantastic imagination and can be quite creative. They are dreamers, and unfortunately, some people regard their dreams as unrealistic or fantastical.  However, their idealism and energy enable them to realize these visions, much to the chagrin of their critics. These charismatic, amusing individuals are typically interested in artistic careers such as musicians, painters, or actors, or in business. They are private individuals who value their close relationships and those who provide them with emotional support. They are extremely perceptive, almost psychically so. They enjoy mysteries, detective games, and puzzles. In Love, their charm and quirkiness are undeniably endearing. They may sulk or become moody during arguments or when things do not go their way. That is why, a potential partner must be understanding of their mood swings and provide them with occasional “me” time or quiet alone time. They prefer relationships that add imaginative activities to keep things interesting.


pablo SB19

Pablo – September 14

Born leaders with an organizational bent, people born on September 14 enjoy restoring order to a disorganized system. Underperforming coworkers irritate them at work. They are perceptive and intelligent, with a critical eye. They can devise strategies to help smooth out chaos in an organization or system. They are tenacious in their pursuit of their objectives. They make an effort to maintain a work-life balance. They are sensual and enjoy beauty. They are responsible people, if a little controlling at times. They are outgoing, practical, and excellent conversationalists. In love, don’t be fooled by a reserved appearance because they like to experiment and try new things. However, instead of dealing with their emotions, they tend to analyze them, making them appear calculating or cold to potential partners. They, on the other hand, are worried about excessive intimacy. They dislike being told what they should do. They value independence, variety, and change. They enjoy group brainstorming and exchanging ideas. Their witty remarks are endearing, but they can be critical at times, saying things that others find too harsh.


josh SB19

Josh – October 22

Those born on October 22 are so charismatic that it is impossible not to notice them. They value other people’s admiration for their abilities and skills. They are not, however, egotists. They are thoughtful and intelligent, and they have an innate sense of what is right and wrong. They feel compassion for those who are less fortunate, lonely, or depressed. They tend to assist or promote the interests of those they believe need support. They are focused on their objectives, which is not so great if their partners expect them to spend as much time with them as they do with their work or activities. As a result, they seek partners who are not only supportive of their ambitions but also give them the time they need to achieve them. When it comes to these goals, they can also be perfectionists. As a hard worker, they require alone time to recharge their batteries. They are passionate when they are in love. They can be demanding because they have high expectations for the relationship.

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