When your soulmate has to go

Something just tells you that they are your soulmate, and that you want to be with them. You know you will say “yes” once they initiate to make your relationship “official”. And finally, after several roller coaster episodes, you have decided to give your relationship a chance.

But the dream is starting to become an illusion as your “soulmate” takes their sweet time to come forward – no email, no SMS, no nothing. And you remember their absence more than their presence. You are bread crumbed, toasted and ghosted by the other person, yet you still ask if you two will get back together again.

Karmic relationships are most of the time difficult relationships to handle because they are meant to teach us lessons. There are instances when our karmic partner has more lessons to learn from us than us from them. We do not need to be in a relationship with our karmic soulmate if it is hampering our own growth, and zapping our energy.

There are times that our karmic soulmates have created situations for them in this lifetime that result in heavy karmic lessons. Their baggage can become your baggage; and unless you recognize that they are bringing toxicity into your life, it is for your best interest that you release them.

Terminating a karmic soul contract
In my experience, a very difficult karmic relationship that I had to let go of has caused me tremendous grief. And especially when I declared that I am cutting our cords, and soul contract to each other, the anguish had been indescribable…like suffering from a death of a loved one. I wrote this in my journal as my experience:

It is never a joy to cut soul ties with anyone…may it be for better or worse…there is always the struggle, the pain that is on soul-level. There is physical restlessness…this is what probably how death feels like – like you want to fly or go somewhere, anywhere but not from where you are sitting or where you are at…the place where the contract was severed. No goodbyes, just the cruelty of leaving and letting go…when either party commits to it or allows it is immaterial. And that is where the pain lies, the uncertainty that is unfathomable by human understanding. Doors are shut forever, the contract dissolved with the Universe aligning to shred the contract to pieces until the signatures are gone, until the last drop of hope gone. Upon realization, the energy drops, from the head to the tip of your fingers…energy drained as renewal process begins. A painful process that, for a second, one still have doubts is it all worth it? A window of regret but you are not given the choice to turn back and undo the process. Knots untied.

Finishing unfinished business – alone
But because our own soul evolution is important, and being in a space where we are protected, safe and happy, karmic relationships that can only pull us down to debasing experiences and dark emotions are not good – regardless if we are not yet done learning the lessons from and with (the soulmate/other person).

For me, emotions are warning signs that something is not aligned with our purpose, much like a fever tells that our body is suffering from an underlying health affliction.

A high vibrational spirit’s default emotions are positive: joy, compassion, satisfaction or contentment, peace or calm, and love, to cite a few. In the opposite of the spectrum, unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, insecurity or devaluation, fear, indifference, anger, sadness, etcetera are signaling us that we are on the wrong path of low vibration. We are not operating at our best and so it is either we check our behavior OR leave the situation that is making us miserable or lowly. Those are the only options. It is not an option to stay and remain miserable, hoping to learn our lessons in that spiritually, mentally, and physiologically compromised state.

As with our karmic soulmate, any unfinished business in this lifetime, is believed to be carried out in the next lifetime (or succeeding lifetimes) where you will meet them again to work out your karmic lessons. Personally, I would not want to deal anymore with my karmic soulmates in my next lifetime!

It could be possible to learn the lessons we ought to learn in this lifetime with or without them. In the Catholic prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, where there is a line there that says: …And do not bring us to the test (or in some versions, it goes, Lead us not into temptations.), we are shown that we can have the choice to not undergo the karmic lessons with the soulmate, especially if we need to let them go.

To do it is to set an intention of not to share any lifetimes with the karmic soulmate. If there are lessons you need to learn, may as well learn them in another form, in another way. When we set that intention, when we pray, we will be given the grace to lift up our consciousness; to be evolved with the guidance of our angels – instead with our karmic soulmates.

It could take a lot of energy and will power to move away from your karmic soulmate. But if this is something that you need to do to be able to experience the fullness of life, the effort may well be worth it.

Here are some of the things that we can try doing to finish our soul contracts with our karmic soulmate, and end our ties with them on our terms:
1. Karmic relationships are not straight from the fairy tale kind of relationships. Do not glorify your karmic soulmate if they cannot help you to become a better person.
2. Do not justify a difficult relationship as a part of your karmic journey. Yes, that could be a reason BUT we are not meant to suffer, especially not because of a partner’s bad decisions and immature responses to situations.
3. Do charity to deflect karma in a positive way.
4. Forgive the karmic soulmate, unconditionally.
5. Do not look back. Accept the loss or separation and wish them well in their journey WITHOUT you.
6. Open your heart to insightful endings and promising new beginnings.
7. When negative emotions start to well up, offer them up to God and ask that you be healed.
8. Take each day as it comes especially if the separation is too heavy for you to accept immediately. But accept that your karmic soulmate has their own karma to deal with and that you should not be part of it.
9. Believe that you are bound for greatness, happiness, and fulfilled life.
10. Pray to allow that whatever you had with this partner is done, finished, completed in this lifetime and that you do not meet them in the next lifetime.
11. Whenever thoughts of them cross your mind (because most likely they are thinking about you too), tell them telepathically that your karmic debt has been paid and thank them. Do not ruminate about the what-ifs and what could have been’s because you will just create a karmic cycle with them.

Cutting the cords
Probably the most powerful way to cutting your karmic ties with the soulmate, cutting cords with the aid of the three Archangels – St Michael, St Gabriel, and St Raphael for protection, clarity and healing, may be done.

Heavenly King, You have given us archangels to assist us during our pilgrimage on earth.
Saint Michael is our protector; I ask him to come to my aid, fight for all my loved ones, and protect us from danger.

Saint Gabriel is a messenger of the Good News; I ask him to help me clearly hear Your voice and to teach me the truth.

Saint Raphael is the healing angel; I ask him to take my need for healing and that of everyone I know, lift it up to Your throne of grace and deliver us back to the gift of recovery.

Help us, O Lord, to realize more fully the reality of archangels and their desire to serve us. Holy angels, pray for us. Amen. (Source: Catholic Diocese of St Petersburg website )

Energetic cords are created when we form relationships. Unwanted cords are those that keep us from growing spiritually, psychically and emotionally. Some cords can also keep us from attaining our full potentials such as in abusive or manipulative relationships. There are also cords that bind us to enabling relationships that prevent us from discovering or claiming our power.

Cutting cords, however, is not to be decided on a whim or out of frustration or respite. One has to seek for it from a place of empathy, love and compassion for oneself and the other person. The caveat in cord cutting, based on my experience, is that the effect may not be instantaneous, like, it is not as if your attachment to the karmic soulmate is removed when you wake up the next morning. There is always the divine timing that works when you seek to cut cords with someone. It is not removed prematurely. God allows what is best for each one of us; and sometimes, what is best is to wait for the cord to fall away at the right time.

God always does right, and he has set me free from the ropes of those cruel people..- Psalm 129:4, Contemporary English Version

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