Demystifying the full moon

September is my birth month and I’m getting the feeling that this year, September is going to be a month of major shifts, of breakthrough choices, and finally, an abundance that I deserve. It is not surprising that in the days leading up to this month, I was already mulling over decisions that I ought to have done years ago but would always be putting off. Tonight, I am taking the first step to making changes happen in my life. Tonight’s full moon, also called Harvest Moon or Micro moon, is going to be special.  But is it?

“The full moon of September 2019 also carries the title of the Harvest Moon for those living in the Northern Hemisphere.  It will also be the smallest full moon of 2019. But depending on what time zone you live in, the moon will officially turn full on either the evening of Friday the 13th or the early morning hours of Saturday the 14th.” – excerpt taken from Space dot com (

Full moons have two “personalities”: For some, they are associated with malevolence, with mysterious creatures lurking in the dark, with ominous events. When I was a kid, I and my neighbors were always looking forward to full moons especially since we liked playing hide and seek. It was more fun to play the game when it’s dark, with only the moon providing ample lighting yet not too bright to make the seeker or “taya” easily find us.

However, full moons could be quite scary for us who believed in mythical creatures like the Tree Giant or the “Kapre”, or even the winged vampire or the “Manananggal” who, according to folk tales, prefer to appear during this moon phase.

Full moons are also central to a number of superstitious beliefs related to illnesses, business losses or fights. Today’s full moon, being on Friday the 13th makes it ominous, though.

Nevertheless, some others still believe that full moons are auspicious; they can bring blessings, represent wish fulfillment, and romance.

During fool moons, sacred rituals are performed and it is believed that during this time, intuition and psychical power are stronger and more enhanced.

Just for information, I know how to read Tarot. I have been reading Tarot (though not professionally, and that means, for free) for nearly two decades now. When somebody requests for a reading I usually pick Tuesdays, Fridays or during new moons and full moons to do the reading because allegedly, the vibrations are more powerful.

Just for entertainment, I am sharing here a reading I did for this Harvest Moon season.*

YouTube tarot reading

Full moon or not, life will always be a series of victories and failures, sadness and laughter, brokenness and healing. Life, very much like the phases of the moon, wanes but then swells up again in no time.

“The moon understands what it means to be human…uncertain, alone, cratered by imperfections… ”
― Tahereh Mafi ,  Shatter Me

Happy Birthday fellow Virgos!

Disclaimer: I am not accomodating Tarot reading requests, sorry.

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