Our inner sanctuary, our moon sign self

In a previous article,  I explained about a Japanese proverb that tells that a person has three (3) faces: One that they show to the public – their public image; the second face is one that they show to their friends, family and close ties; and the third is their true selves – one that is hidden away from everyone else.

In Astrology, our 3 faces are characterized by our SUN SIGN; our RISING OR ASCENDANT SIGN; and our MOON SIGN.

The Ascendant sign is our public face – one that is shown initially to random people who we meet, strangers and who do not know us personally. The Sun sign – the main zodiac that we are assigned at birth, shows our 2nd face, the face that is familiar to our families, friends and close allies. The Moon sign is our hidden face as it guards our thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, motivations, our instinctive drives and reactions. The Moon sign represents our innermost selves and our subconscious.

Our moon sign serves as our personality’s equalizer…that is why, we need to have an evolved moon sign self. But this is not to say that our sun sign self and rising sign self can be neglected or allowed to stay mediocre. 

If you are deep into astrology, you may check the moon sign of your partner or your love prospect and see if they are in the element group that is compatible to yours or if your moon signs belong to the same element group.

The element groups are Earth for Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn; the Water for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; the Air for Aquarius, Gemini and Libra; and Fire for Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.

Usually the Fire and Air elements go well together; and the Earth and Water elements are in harmony with each other.

Now, with the moon signs, It is said that the more compatible yours and your partner’s moon signs are, the greater the likelihood of your emotional compatibility.

You may check your moon sign from free natal birth chart calculators from the internet. You only need to input your date and year of birth to obtain your sun sign and moon sign. For the ascendant or rising sign, you need to indicate the time and/or place of birth.

Let’s go over to the different Moon signs and some of their traits:

Aries Moon
is all for independence as well as action, challenges, leadership, uniqueness,  and fun. They are in the best mood when they feel they make breakthroughs or pioneer in something. They also want to be the center of attention and a little childlike. Prone to have temper but they can also forgive easily. They can be fickle and impulsive. They tend to spoil their partners and friends or associates, if the Aries moon person like them, but can hold grudge if crossed by them. Although generally, they are likeable, unless slighted or criticized.

Taurus Moon
has the penchant for  stability, material security, beauty, solidness, and the need to be assured of love and fidelity. They resist change but when they have already made up their mind, there is no turning back for them. They avoid pushovers although they can be pushy themselves. They are sticklers for habits and routines. They are not quick-tempered but once angry, they can blow up steam. They are hard workers and are creative especially with their hands. They are practical but like to acquire things that have long-lasting value.

Gemini Moon
likes constant communication,  innovation, dialogues, brainstorming; but they can also agree to disagree. It is not unusual that they can multitask when communicating. They usually become attracted to people who would stir their intellect or are in the same wave length as theirs. They are also fast thinkers and not easily impressed.  They tend to lose interest when things become monotonous or stagnant. Patience is not their strong suit.

Cancer Moon
people have the nurturing, sensitive soul, and can  be needy at times but not always; they are family oriented and like comfortable living.  They are certified foodies and have the eye for fashion and comfortable clothing. They do not like the idea of neglect or abandonment; and so they are basically faithful to their families and friends they consider family. They expect loyalty and gentleness from people they care about.

Leo Moon
likes attention – think of someone who will not shy away from the limelight; they are playful and naturally adventurous and like excitement,  living life to the fullest, good company, celebrations, creativity, taking charge, and respect. They do not like to be told of what to do or to be pushed around. They rely on their judgement that sometimes they can come off as uncompromising and rigid in their beliefs.

Virgo Moon
is a fanatic for order and system; likes to be of service to others and sometimes can offer unsolicited advice if they feel they need to step in when the situation becomes chaotic or problematic;  Virgo moon people have the ability to come up with solutions that are practical and simple; they too like conversations especially ones that can stimulate their intellect and provide new knowledge. Majority of them are quiet and observant. They like honesty and loyalty. They can be conservative or non-conventional. They do not like to break rules but they can bend rules when necessary. They are practical and in relationships, they tend to be logical first than emotional.

Libra Moon
likes unity and equality; avoids chaos and confrontation; People under this moon sign like beauty, company, celebrations, peace and comfort;  They are creative and like fairness and justice. They can be blunt with their words, not backing down with their opinions especially if they feel they are right and fair. They are attractive and like the attention they get from others.

Scorpio Moon
is a sign that is intense, sensual, and  enigmatic. People with the Scorpio moon like privacy and intimacy; they are drawn to soul level connection and sexual chemistry. They have the uncanny ability to perceive lies and deception. That is why they seek trust, honesty, loyalty and transparency, although they may tend to be secretive themselves. They like closeness – physically, emotionally, psychically, and even spiritually.

Sagittarius Moon
is adventurous and likes to explore opportunities for growth and advancement. Relationship is important to them and they like company , as well as networking. With this trait, some may accuse them of being flighty or scattered although that is not the case. In fact, they are nurturing and dutiful. Travel, bonding with friends and family members are important to them. They like to work but not to the point of becoming workaholic because they have an aptitude to strike balance between work, life, and pleasure. They like the assurance of material comfort and career movement, and may become bored with redundancy. They also seek recognition for their hard work or loyalty.

Capricorn Moon
is a sign that suggests of someone who seeks and maintains security in their relationships, money, or professional life. They are goal-driven and like material comfort. Work may become a priority because of their security goals and for their desire to be recognized or climb up the ladder of success, They like their independence but will never neglect their relationships as they are protective of them. Conversely, relationships are their security blanket. They will tend to hold on or keep a relationship for as long as they can no matter how strained it has become.  On the flipside, they can also seek solitude when hurt or confused.

Aquarius Moon
are people who are friendly, smart, and  like intellectual exchanges. They are generally opinionated and have leadership qualities and would like to be at the helm of things. They like freedom, independence, and autonomy and so can sometimes appear distant.  Being uncaring or cold or pragmatic are usual complaints against them but those do not accurately describe these analytical people. Actually, they are merely processing information passed on to them before they agree (or disagree).  They can be tactful yet in some instances, they can be tactless too especially when they feel that they need to voice out their reason. Many of them are advocates of justice, fairness and social causes.

Pisces Moon
is compassionate, nurturing, creative, sensual, and empathetic. They are dreamy, deep but tend to be not grounded. They can be quite emotional, but perceptive and sensitive. Pisces moon sign people are free spirited but can be content in an enclave that they built as their safe haven. They are drawn to the beauty of words, sounds and visuals. Most of them are spiritual and are non-traditionalists with their beliefs.

Keeper of secrets
To sum up, our moon sign self holds the secrets to our inner persona. Being aware of how we behave to situations; how we think and feel based on our moon sign can be a key to better understand ourselves – why we do what we do.

When we are dealing with other people or potential love partners, they need to match with our moon sign self to obtain our trust or get extra points from us in the friendship or relationship department.

In short, understanding this hidden part of us can make us more aware of our limitations, our strengths and weaknesses,  and  expectations when relating to other people as well as in finding those kindred spirits and our tribe.

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