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Purpose & Spirituality

No vision boards: We can manifest by one simple action

What tools or devices have you used yet to “manifest” abundance or your dream? There are quite a few ways like visualisation, affirmation, gratitude, vision boards, journal writing, manifestation sounds – example, the 432 hz frequency or the isochrones; meditation, and the works. Don’t that sound ritualistic? Not saying that rituals are negative, it is just that not everyone could…

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Time to reset: Finding the inner space
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Time to reset: Finding the inner space

This new corona virus lock-down has awakened in us a dormant monster that is a product of globalization; of urbanization, industrialization and consumerism. This monster called “restlessness” takes either the direction of aim or aimlessness. Aim as a process unearths more monster underlings – defeatism, limitations, projections, and so on; while aimlessness is a journey that either leads to nowhere…

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This is a story of our mothers

I. HOPE Lucy got married at the age of fifteen. Within that year, she gave birth to her eldest daughter. Within six years she already had four children. Her husband who was a few years her senior had a good job but did not provide enough for his growing family. He was overwhelmed by paternal obligations. He also started womanizing.…

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Astrology, Purpose & Spirituality

Demystifying the full moon

September is my birth month and I’m getting the feeling that this year, September is going to be a month of major shifts, of breakthrough choices, and finally, an abundance that I deserve. It is not surprising that in the days leading up to this month, I was already mulling over decisions that I ought to have done years ago…

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