November Tarot Forecast for All Signs

November 2021 Tarot Forecast - BraveCookie

November holds the promise of new beginnings, being that it exudes the mystical power of the number 11 – the portal of transformation. The month also brings creativity and strong intuition.  We can actually do manifestation rituals when the clock strikes 11:11 or make a wish or pray with intention on the 11th of November. … Read more

Unpacking dreams one symbol at a time

Unpacking dreams one symbol at a time-Brave cookie

Dreams exist in an enigmatic realm that is neither here nor there, where the part of the self that exists outside of the physical, three-dimensional body is free to roam or devoid of control.   In dreams, the mind explores a domain of uncanny sights, sounds, and experiences, as if guided by an unseen source. … Read more

October Tarot Forecast for All Signs

October Tarot Forecast All Signs of Zodiac

We’ve made it to the fourth quarter of the year! October brings hope, as it carries the vibration of the number 8 (October is the 8th month in the old Romulus calendar), which means wealth, abundance, fertility and peace. October is also Holy Rosary month, with the liturgical feast of the Lady of the Holy … Read more

September 2021 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

Forget me Not flower for September

September is the ninth month of the year, however it is the seventh month in the Roman calendar. September is my favorite month because it is my birth month! So, a shout out to all of my September birthday celebrants (email me and I’ll send you a free reading!). September marks the beginning of our … Read more

Mid-Month August Tarot Forecast for All Signs


The month has brought the world bad news – from the ongoing coronavirus mutations saga, which is now bringing on the Delta and other variants as emerging threats; the deadly floods in China from July, which are still making headlines this month; the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, which killed hundreds; and the Taliban … Read more

August: When lost spirits roam and rites of salvation

incense burning practice

Halloween is in November but there is another month that is associated with “ghosts”. In several Asian cultures, August is also called the Hungry Ghost Month – the seventh lunar month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. On the 15th lunar day of this month, this Buddhist-Taoist festival is celebrated. That means, this year, it is celebrated … Read more

Sun signs: Who is your lucky wealth charm?

Sun signs: Who is your lucky wealth charm?

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, is a rather “judgmental” quote, and which I believe is no longer applicable at this day and age when cultural, social, moral, and gender equality is becoming the norm in human interactions. But in the area of building our material empire, some … Read more