The Mystical Life of Salt

mystical life of salt

Salt, once prized like gold, has continued to be a widely traded commodity. Salt is also used in Christian ceremonies and sacramentals. It is a cornerstone in spell casting and magickal practices. Heads up! This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission when you buy using these links. Thanks in advance! It’s interesting … Read more

Shades of No:  How to Refuse to Loan Money to Someone

how to refuse someone for loan

Some claim that utang (money borrowing) is a part of Filipino culture. That is not my personal view. Borrowing money is a quick (universally-practiced) way to obtain funds when one is short on funds. Typically, money is borrowed from friends, relatives, or family members. Borrowing money is difficult, especially if you are proud. You must … Read more

Women mystics who foretold wars

Women mystics who foretold wars

What do Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce share in common? When the terms “end of the world,” “apocalypse,” and “World War III” are mentioned, these are the ones who immediately come to mind. Five visionaries who foresaw wars and conflicts that overthrew regimes and collapsed civilizations, are featured in this post, and they are all women. … Read more

Filipino single moms: Life of pressure and faith

Photo by Unsplash @guillepozzi

“Disgrasyada” used to be a term accorded to unwed mothers , which is literally translated as “Disgraced”. It had a more derogatory meaning – figuratively, “got  pregnant by accident” to allude to what is considered an “irresponsible” or “careless” conduct of becoming pregnant outside of marriage or because of rape. I’m not sure about the … Read more

Are Pinoys over-swearing on social media? (+tips on socmed engagement)

Social Media - Brave Cookie

Have you read this commentary of popular TV personality Bianca Gonzalez? Allegedly, “nababahala siya sa mga mahihilig magmura sa social media (She is becoming increasingly irritated by the growing number of social media users who are accustomed to using profanities)”. She mentioned on her Twitter page that derogatory words like Bobo (moron), Tanga (stupid), Gago … Read more

Unpacking dreams one symbol at a time

Unpacking dreams one symbol at a time-Brave cookie

Dreams exist in an enigmatic realm that is neither here nor there, where the part of the self that exists outside of the physical, three-dimensional body is free to roam or devoid of control.   In dreams, the mind explores a domain of uncanny sights, sounds, and experiences, as if guided by an unseen source. … Read more

Resist pandemic work abuse

stop work abuse with two words-BraveCookie

The pandemic continues, and the unemployment rate rises. Workers are being laid off in large numbers as well. Those who were kept had to take pay cuts or do the work of two or more people. Companies are streamlining their workforce to cut costs – in order to survive the pandemic, they said. Because there … Read more

Shadow lives of single women

The Spinster Evert Larock (1865-1901)

Today is Friday the 13th – a day replete with ominous superstitions metaphorically represented by black cats, bogey man,  cauldron-stirring witches, and more. How about the image of an old lady sitting behind a creaking spinning wheel – how does it make you feel? Spooky? Sinister?  Yes, she is called a spinster – possibly brewing … Read more

August: When lost spirits roam and rites of salvation

incense burning practice

Halloween is in November but there is another month that is associated with “ghosts”. In several Asian cultures, August is also called the Hungry Ghost Month – the seventh lunar month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. On the 15th lunar day of this month, this Buddhist-Taoist festival is celebrated. That means, this year, it is celebrated … Read more

Mid-month July Tarot Forecast for All Signs

Tarot reading all zodiac July mid-month

The month of July is what I consider the cusp of the year, even though June is the 6th month and is thus, the middle of the year.  But I feel that July is a calmer month since things have settled in following uncertainties, anticipations and adjustments we might have encountered from early in the … Read more