Sleeping with the Dark Entities

Bangungut psychic paralysis

Do vengeful spirits or evil forces cause nightmares, sleep paralysis, or psychic paralysis? Death from nightmare During sleep paralysis, the person is unable to move and experiences hypnagogic hallucinations or hears sounds that seem real. When a person wakes up while their body is still in a relaxed state (from sleep), the body’s adjustment to … Read more

What my dead soulmate friend taught me about soul ties

what my dead soulmate friend taught me about soul ties

Today, I felt the urge to write about a dear friend, a soulmate, who died in January of this year, 2022. His death surprised me, but it did not depress me because I know he is still “around”. This article contains affiliate links. Hector Fernandez or Heck attended the Divine Wisdom School, which he said, … Read more

Creating Meditation Habit: Tips from Masters


The advice and suggested body positions in this article are gleaned from some of the top meditation teachers and are simple enough for anyone who wants to develop the habit of meditating. This article contains affiliate ads. Meditation is the first step in all spiritual work. Meditation enables you to become more aware of your … Read more

Psychic experience in dream meanings

meaning of dogs in dream

Dream analysis fascinates many people… When their dreams appear strange or odd, they begin to overthink what they mean or how they will translate in their waking life. Of course, they anticipate fortunate rather than ominous outcomes. Let me tell you about something I recently discovered about receiving signs and messages through dreams. I was … Read more

Talk in Pictures:  Key to manifesting and healing

picture talk technique in manifesting and healing

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true in psychic work. Your ability to visualize and create mental images aids in the transfer of telepathic messages for communication or healing intentions. Using mental graphics to shift your mood I’ve read several books that purport the Universe understands in pictures rather than … Read more

Women mystics who foretold wars

Women mystics who foretold wars

What do Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce share in common? When the terms “end of the world,” “apocalypse,” and “World War III” are mentioned, these are the ones who immediately come to mind. Five visionaries who foresaw wars and conflicts that overthrew regimes and collapsed civilizations, are featured in this post, and they are all women. … Read more

Meditation amidst the city noise

meditation in city noise

I frequently come across meditation invitations that call for silence or going outside to commune with nature. The sounds of water falls or ocean waves, seagulls, mountain echoes, and all those magical nature sounds can bring one into a calm state or while listening to guided meditations. Unfortunately, for some people, particularly those who live … Read more

Spirits at my uncle’s death bed

Spirits at my uncle’s death bed

My uncle (my mother’s only brother and sibling) died in 2020, not from Covid-19, but from a longstanding health condition. Heads up! This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission when you buy using these links. Thanks in advance!  In his heyday, he was a heartthrob who left a trail of broken hearts … Read more

Simple ways to repel negative energies

simple ways to deter energy attack

It’s a beautiful day, the weather is pleasant, and you’re feeling inspired to start writing your new year’s resolution when your phone rings and it’s your friend who is calling. They’re having a bad day because their job application was rejected, and they need to take their pet to the vet, but they’ve also misplaced … Read more