Sun signs: Who is your lucky wealth charm?

Sun signs: Who is your lucky wealth charm?

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, is a rather “judgmental” quote, and which I believe is no longer applicable at this day and age when cultural, social, moral, and gender equality is becoming the norm in human interactions. But in the area of building our material empire, some … Read more

Difficult relationships: Are they your Soulmate or simply “Not the One”?

Difficult relationships: Are they your Soulmate or simply “Not the One”?

Not a few tarot readings on YouTube always zone in on love readings; maybe because that is one subject that never fails to attract viewers. But I always wonder what is it about “Soulmate” that entices people to really listen to the readings – are they wishing that finally they will meet that soulmate or … Read more

Signs that they are dream visits from loved ones

signs of dream visits from deceased loved ones

How do you know that it is a dream visit or a random dream? This post is a sequel to my other post, Silent goodbye: What that mysterious stare means. Let me just explain that what I have written here is based on my experience and is not supported by scientific or metaphysical studies. When … Read more

When your soulmate has to go


Something just tells you that they are your soulmate, and that you want to be with them. You know you will say “yes” once they initiate to make your relationship “official”. And finally, after several roller coaster episodes, you have decided to give your relationship a chance. But the dream is starting to become an … Read more

Pa-Siyam: a 9-Day Novena to Light the Way for the Dead

lighting the way for the dead

At this time of the pandemic, there have been countless families and individuals who have lost their loved ones, in an untimely manner, to Covid-19.  While others may have lost family members to natural causes or other illnesses but because of the lockdown, they are not able to mourn properly, or attend the wake to … Read more