What You Should Know about Energy Cord-cutting

What you should know about energy Cord-Cutting

Cutting the cord is not as simple as it appears. Every action has a consequence – that is karma for you; and who wants a bad repercussion from a careless action? When someone needs to be released from so-called toxic relationships or relationships that no longer serve any purpose, I frequently hear the advice of … Read more

Shades of No:  How to Refuse to Loan Money to Someone

how to refuse someone for loan

Some claim that utang (money borrowing) is a part of Filipino culture. That is not my personal view. Borrowing money is a quick (universally-practiced) way to obtain funds when one is short on funds. Typically, money is borrowed from friends, relatives, or family members. Borrowing money is difficult, especially if you are proud. You must … Read more

Psychic experience in dream meanings

meaning of dogs in dream

Dream analysis fascinates many people… When their dreams appear strange or odd, they begin to overthink what they mean or how they will translate in their waking life. Of course, they anticipate fortunate rather than ominous outcomes. Let me tell you about something I recently discovered about receiving signs and messages through dreams. I was … Read more

Talk in Pictures:  Key to manifesting and healing

picture talk technique in manifesting and healing

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true in psychic work. Your ability to visualize and create mental images aids in the transfer of telepathic messages for communication or healing intentions. Using mental graphics to shift your mood I’ve read several books that purport the Universe understands in pictures rather than … Read more

March 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs


Is it any coincidence that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia erupted in March, the month named after the Roman war god, Mars? March, or Maritus, was the first month in the Ancient Roman calendar, also known as the Republican calendar, which was introduced around 738 bc and replaced the older lunar calendar systems, which … Read more

Women mystics who foretold wars

Women mystics who foretold wars

What do Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce share in common? When the terms “end of the world,” “apocalypse,” and “World War III” are mentioned, these are the ones who immediately come to mind. Five visionaries who foresaw wars and conflicts that overthrew regimes and collapsed civilizations, are featured in this post, and they are all women. … Read more

Filipino single moms: Life of pressure and faith

Photo by Unsplash @guillepozzi

“Disgrasyada” used to be a term accorded to unwed mothers , which is literally translated as “Disgraced”. It had a more derogatory meaning – figuratively, “got  pregnant by accident” to allude to what is considered an “irresponsible” or “careless” conduct of becoming pregnant outside of marriage or because of rape. I’m not sure about the … Read more

February 2022 Tarot Forecast for All Signs

February 2022 Tarot Forecast

When people think of February, they think of Valentine’s Day. The month has become so commoditized that few people must be aware of its origins.   The month of February is named after the Roman festival of purification, Februalia or Februatio. To embody the meaning of February, we can perform this “spiritual cleansing” ritual today, … Read more