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Are Pinoys over-swearing on social media? (+tips on socmed engagement)

Have you read this commentary of popular TV personality Bianca Gonzalez? Allegedly, “nababahala siya sa mga mahihilig magmura sa social media (She is becoming increasingly irritated by the growing number of social media users who are accustomed to using profanities)”. She mentioned on her Twitter page that derogatory words like Bobo (moron), Tanga (stupid), Gago (foolish) are becoming prevalent in…

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Resist pandemic work abuse

The pandemic continues, and the unemployment rate rises. Workers are being laid off in large numbers as well. Those who were kept had to take pay cuts or do the work of two or more people. Companies are streamlining their workforce to cut costs – in order to survive the pandemic, they said. Because there are fewer jobs available, a…

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The Spinster Evert Larock (1865-1901)
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Shadow lives of single women

Today is Friday the 13th – a day replete with ominous superstitions metaphorically represented by black cats, bogey man,  cauldron-stirring witches, and more. How about the image of an old lady sitting behind a creaking spinning wheel – how does it make you feel? Spooky? Sinister?  Yes, she is called a spinster – possibly brewing potions too, or doing magick…

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